How to Mint from the Corgi Club 🌈

Mint Date: December 2, 12:00PM UTC @ 1.0 SOL.

GM fellow dog lovers!

To join the Corgi Club, you’re not going to want to miss this. We’re giving you a run down on how you can mint a Corgi 🐶

To mint a Corgi, you’ll need to have Phantom setup. Follow the step-by-step guide below on how to download & mint using our favourite Solana wallet!

1) Download Phantom from

Head to Phantom and press the “Add to Chrome” button to add the wallet as a browser extension. Make sure you’re using either Chrome, Brave, Edge or Firefox. You should then see the Phantom logo in your toolbar top-right!

2) Create a new Wallet

To do this, Phantom has a fantastic guide here to help you through the specifics. Make sure you keep your seed phrase nice & safe.

3) Deposit SOL into your new Wallet

To be safe, you’ll need to deposit at least 1.6 SOL into your wallet to mint 1 Corgi from the Corgi Club! To do this:

  1. Press Receive.

2. Select ‘Send from wallet / exchange’. You need to purchase Solana from an exchange (e.g. Binance, FTX etc.) and send this to your wallet.

3. Copy the wallet address from your Phantom Wallet & send it from your preferred exchange. Make sure you’re sending SOL on the Solana network!

4) Mint a Corgi

All you need to do is jump on our website, and press the Connect Wallet button in the top-right. This will take you to a seperate confirmation page so you can transact on our website.

On November 6, 8:00PM UTC, you’ll be able to click mint under our OG Corgi. If you successfully adopted an adorable Corgi, you’ll be able to spend time with your new pup in the Collectibles section in Phantom.

Catch you soon…

Hope that helps! If you have any questions, you can find us on Discord, Twitter & Instagram any time 🌈




5,000 adorable pups in the Corgi Club, each with a unique trait. MINT: Nov 6, 8PM UTC 🌈

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Corgi Club

Corgi Club

5,000 adorable pups in the Corgi Club, each with a unique trait. MINT: Nov 6, 8PM UTC 🌈

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