A Guide to Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Why choose rattan outdoor furniture?

Rattan, otherwise referred to as wicker is the name given to roughly 600 species of climbing palms that are native to South East Asia. The core of the rattan is widely used in furniture making. It is an extremely good material for this use due to it being lightweight and durable. It is suitable for outdoor use, waterproof and is flexible, meaning it can shaped in many different ways. Another beneficial quality of rattan is that it accepts paints and dyes. This means that rattan garden furniture is available in a wide variety of colours. These combined qualities of rattan make it a popular choice for outdoor and indoor furniture.

Is synthetic rattan a good alternative?

Another option to consider is synthetic rattan. If made from an all-weather weave, synthetic rattan is entirely weatherproof, much more so than genuine rattan. As a result, it can be left outside all year round and will not age as quickly. Synthetic outdoor wicker furniture, or rattan as it is more commonly known, looks exactly the same as genuine rattan, is just as comfortable and comes with the added benefit of being more durable. It is an excellent alternative to genuine rattan.

When considering what type to buy, it is important to consider the purpose of the furniture. Whether genuine or synthetic, rattan furniture is an excellent choice.