How to Choose All Weather Garden Furniture

It’s no secret that living in Britain means facing more or less every manifestation of weather imaginable. From the wettest of winters, to moderately hot summers if we’re lucky — we need strong, reliable and of course stunning all weather garden furniture to compensate.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to choose the perfect garden outdoor furniture:

Material Matters

This may seem obvious but is sorely overlooked. Whilst plastics and metals do provide a generally weatherproof solution, they’re lacking in design. That leaves us with wood, but which one?

When you buy wooden garden furniture made to last, you’ll need to be careful of low-grade, poorly-sourced timber. Your best bet is a strong, grade-A teak piece which is high in natural oils and is considered the gold standard amongst outdoor wood furniture.

(Teak garden furniture is known to last a lifetime and more on average).

Build Quality

You’ve found your wood, now you need to find furniture assembled for optimum lifelong use.

Keep your eyes peeled for strong mortise and tenon joins, teak dowels and genuine European polyurethane glues for maximum lifespan and a seating solution which is not only stunning, but durable and low-maintenance.

Why buy garden furniture that’ll be rotten within a few years? Stick with masterfully-built teak or mahogany.

Speaking of Maintenance

Plastics and metals are generally exempt from maintenance due to their nature, but what’s the need for durability if your furniture is bland and uncomfortable?

That’s not to say wood has to be high maintenance. It all comes down to your selection of quality. Again, we recommend a sustainably sourced grade-A teak furniture set as its high oil and rubber content make it virtually weatherproof and incredibly low maintenance. A single hose down once per year will do the trick.

Corido is proud to produce the world’s finest grade-A teak garden furniture, built by master craftsmen and made to last a lifetime with little to no maintenance. For more information on our range of bespoke, all weather garden furniture, call us on 020 8655 6242 or email