Wicker vs Teak Garden Furniture — What’s Right for You

Luxury, elegance, style, low-stress, envy… all words which spring to mind when we think of both teak and rattan garden furniture. That will tell you something right off the bat, and that is choosing between these two stunning garden furniture build materials is no easy task.

How to choose the best material for outdoor furniture between these two is like choosing between butter and jam, two massively different flavours, both utterly delicious. That being said, when we look at rattan vs teak outdoor furniture, we can eliminate a few options depending on your circumstance which will make the choice a bit clearer. All in all, they are both fantastic investments long term and you can’t go wrong either way.

What outdoor furniture lasts the longest?

This one is tricky to answer. Both wicker and teak garden furniture make for the most durable outdoor furniture and will likely outlast any of us. But like most things if you dig a little deeper things get more interesting.

Quality. Opting for low grade teak will speed up the aging process and its lesser oil and rubber content will make it susceptible to rot and mites. On the other hand, grade-A teak will last lifetimes with very little maintenance work at all.

Similarly with wicker outdoor furniture, opt for a strong synthetic Rehau® poly rattan wound over a strong aluminium or grade-A teak underframe will provide a very low-hassle ownership experience over the coming decades. Overall, these two materials are two similarly matched to choose a winner, but it depends on the quality of each.

Aesthetic appeal

Again we are presented with the butter and jam scenario. In truth, this is largely subjective and will depend on your personal tastes and current environment where you plan to deploy your furniture. Teak patio furniture varies greatly in design meaning it is suitable for the most contemporary all the way to the most classical of environments.

In recent years, we’ve noticed that rattan garden furniture is being utilised in more modern environments due to its minimalistic, angular design. Often seen in luxury villas, spas and resorts the world over, wicker is a new favourite of the elite. If opting for teak, look for Lutyens and Balmoral for classical environments, and Banana or Windsor designs.


This is where we may finally see a clear winner. Whilst teak can be endlessly comfortable when sporting an oil-rich, smooth sanded finish, and whilst it’s not uncommon to have teak garden furniture graced with some extra padding atop its wooden frame, it isn’t quite on the same level as wicker patio furniture.

The natural ‘give’ allowed by the tensile nature of wicker and the fact that it often sports extra-thick cushioning as pictured makes for a lounging experience like no other. In truth, you can get lost in that amount of cushioning never to return, and who could blame you? Wicker gets our vote for comfort.


When looking at higher-quality versions of either of these (which we hope you are) both can run a little higher than your average patio garden furniture set. But the amount of time and effort you’ll inevitably save on maintenance makes up the difference in our opinion.

In terms of affordability, neither are cheap. However grade-A teak garden furniture can range from relatively affordable to well over £2000 for a large dining set, whereas wicker tends to hover around the mean — £400-£1000 range. If you’re prepared to shop around, do your homework and have patience, you can find either one of these for a good price. Both come out even in our opinion.

Overall, there’s really not much difference between teak and rattan garden furniture other than their widely different visual appeals, though wicker tends to be slightly more comfortable and a bit more affordable if you look hard enough.