The Corporate Culture Is Ignoring The Connected Generation

Photo credit: Toa Heftiba

Give a child a box of white papers and he will find a dozen ways to craft something. Give a man a box of white papers and he will leave them near a printer.

Digital transformation is not like a box of chocolates that you never know what you’re gonna get (thanks Forest Gump). It’s like a box of white papers that the humans are using it to craft the unimaginable. The “blank” becomes something tangible through our creativity and desire to make our life easier and more exciting.

On the other hand, corporate cultures became a box of papers that are used only to print values, attitudes, standards, beliefs and procedures. In corporations I found respect, integrity, quality, leadership, passion to win, responsibility — values that have a good influence upon our character. But I also found falsity, exaggerated self-control, fear of admitting, ignorance and lack of engagement. The corporate culture’s roots are in the human nature, but they became too little reflected in the reality. Instead of using digital to enforce bonding, corporations kept it as a “nice to have” element ignoring the fact that digital is a way of living for the Millennials and Gen Z.

“Innovation” is an easy word to put on everyone’s lips, but not on everyone’s mindset, and it will not be fully embraced until the corporate culture will start regenerating by keeping it’s values and embedding them in the connected generations.

We want to be like kids and craft things so we could leave something meaningful behind us. This is the point where our expectations are fighting with the corporate spirit. Who do you think is going to win? :)