Corion Coin BURN announcement

CorionX Swap program became popular, the sign-in process is ongoing.

as a result:

on 23.01.2019. wednesday 10:00am (GMT) 
- the 30% of the total supply of Corion Coins (3,000,000 COR) will be burnt
- the 60% of the total supply of Corion Premium tokens (500 CORP) will be burnt
by the Corion Foundation. 
The lower total supply can give more stability to Corion Coin.

Corion Foundation is committed to support stablecoins adoption to reach the first 50mn daily stablecoin payment users in the next 2 years. 
CorionX token is the “gas” in the upcoming 24 months stablecoin educational campaign and in Corion’s stablecoin infrastructure like a Wallet, Swap, and Merchant Gateway.

If you want to learn more about CorionX swap, please visit our website and blog!