Cyber security was never a purely technical problem; it is now a leadership imperative in many firms

It is not rare for OT Security to end up in some form of organisational no-man’s-land

There are real issues in the security operations space but buying more tools won’t help

“Process and People first, THEN Technology” will always be at the heart of the winning formula here

Time to move away from bottom-up dynamics: The Board should decide on priorities and drive the discussion

Why large organizations still struggle with decade-old security problems — and how to fix them

CISOs being asked those questions should look beyond the topic itself and face the underlying issues it might be hiding.

JC Gaillard

Founder & MD @CorixPartners | Co-president #CyberSecurity Group @TelecomParisAl | Non Exec Director @Strata_Sec | Board Advisor | Author | Cyber Security Leader

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