Eight Reasons To Ride A Bike

Most own a bike of some sort, however, often neglect it.

Ride for necessity

Need a loaf of bread? Cup of coffee? Toilet paper? Ketchup? Ride a bike. Chances are, there’s a store within 2 miles of any location that will meet the needs listed above.

Ride for money

Cars use fuel. Fuel uses money. Many car trips are easily substitutable for a bike ride.

Ride for therapy

Riding a bike is methodical. Wheels are rhythmic. Rhythm is soothing. Escape from anything into a natural environment. A bike can go anywhere.

Ride to kill time

Out of everything one can do when bored, riding a bike is one the most harmless and progressive.

Ride to experience

Believe it or not, not everything can be seen from behind a car window or in front of a screen. The city is beautiful without a speed limit and motion blur.

Ride for exercise

Everyone has somewhere to go, everyone needs exercise. Be productive — combine the two.

Ride for fun

Find new scenery. Brilliance is everywhere, and it’s surprisingly pleasant.

Ride for novelty

Riding a bike is cool, and everyone wants to be cool.


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