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Mr. Brown,

Please point us to a law enforcement instruction that authorizes the use of excessive force when dealing with a non-threatening elderly man?

Black Life Matter is because people like you who lacks compassion and with no humanity.

Funny you mention restaurant. I’ve just read the following a few minutes ago. Now you think about what’s wrong in this whole situation. Have a great day sir.

“I don’t usually complain about customers on social media, but I feel compelled to tell everyone about what happened yesterday. I was on my way to work, and was seriously craving pork tamales. When I arrived, I was told that a customer had ordered the very last ones. Since I, an employee of the restaurant, am obviously more important than any paying customer, I went over to said customer and politely asked for the tamales back. The customer refused, so I asked again nicely. He refused again and had the gall to say that he ordered and paid for the tamales, so he would not give them up. I was getting a little angry because he was being so unreasonable. So I offered to “re-accommodate” him by replacing his tamales with a burrito. Unbelievably, the customer refused my generous offer. I upped the ante and said I was willing to throw in a free dessert and a PEPSI (which has been proven to solve all of the world’s most pressing problems), but this obnoxious guy still refused to give back the tamales! So what was I to do? I had no choice but to call the building security, who slammed his head into the table then dragged him out by his arms. It took my staff some time to clean the blood trails off the floor, but at least I got the tamales back, which are insanely good by the way (shameless plug). Can you believe how crazy the customers are these days … jeez!”

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