The air stank as Jack lay on the cold concrete floor he sat up looking at his unfamiliar surroundings. His fingers were numb except for a strange tickling feeling at the tip of his nails. He was just starting to wonder where he was when some answered for him.

” Your in a funeral home in Downtown Chicago. “ said the voice

Jack looked around desperately for the speaker and spotted a dark dressed man in the corner of the dark dank room he was at least 40 and had a nice trimmed beard on his rugged looking face, his grey eyes shown with a dark and harsh intelligence as if he had stared into the depths of hell.

“ Who are you ?” Jack asked. “ where am I ? “

The man smiled wickedly revealing pearly whites and swollen gums

“ Who am I ? “ he asked stupidly “ the question is do you know who you are ? “

“ Of course I know who I am my name is . . . “ for a scary second he couldn’t remember his name then in a flash words images memories flooded his mind, then he answered “ Jack Hibler “

“ Good that means your stronger than the rest . “

Jack was about to ask what the man meant when suddenly the man dissolved into shadows. Once again he was all alone in the dark dank room.

For hours he sat there staring at where the man had disappeared desperately hoping for the man in black to pop out of the floor like a jack in the box and explain what was happening. Jack himself was trying to piece together the antecedent of what happened before he got here, the last thing he remembered was that he had been walking home from school and everything after that was blank was a blank slate. He lay on the cold floor and closed his eyes and instantly fell into a dream.

Unlike his previous dreams where he was in the first person view he usually dreamed instead, he floated above the scene watching from a birds eye view. He was floating above a hallway that he recognized as the hall leading to his math class 224 he watched on as kids streamed into the room getting ready for some extreme calculus lessons he took a while to circumspect before he floated into to see the lesson.

“ Good evening glass “ said mister

“ Malapropism ! “ someone intergected from the back of the room

Jack looked to the back to see himself of all people sitting in the back of the classroom with a devilish grin on his watching for the teacher to reply.

“ What “ he asked

“ Malapropism when you say a word the opposite of what you meant “

Jack stared on in disbelief, he had always been loud and outgoing but this kid below him was superfluous who was he ? That was what haunted Jack as the dream dissolved into nothingness.

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