Bodacious Black

Slapping on a black piece of clothing and rocking it, is probably the easiest way to dress. It tucks away your imperfections and is ideal for any occasion. That’s just the magic of the colour black.

But to be ‘bodaciously black’ requires a little effort. Here are our two takes on the not so little LBD.

Em is wearing a classic, flowing dress and bold, statement accessories to match. The hair is a soft, 3 minute, pulled back cross over secured with two studded slides. This kind of look is great for an evening out that transitions to a dinner party. What we love about this outfit is how non-fussy yet eye catchy it is!

A bold lip takes this outfit to another level of glam.

Black is so versatile, you can even go sporty with it. Unlike regular maxi dresses, this one has a slit down the centre, beginning at the waist which gives room for a lot of movement and activity. Worn with platform sneakers and a backpack, it gives D the ultimate sporty chic look.

The hair is a upside down french braid that ends in a bun at the top. For best results, you should probably get a friend, sister, or mom to do the braiding until you get the hang of it ;)

D’s Outfit Details:

Shoes-Forever 21

Em’s Outfit Details:

Dress-Forever 21

Slides-Forever 21

Lips-Pure Garnet by L’Oreal Paris

Which kind of style do you prefer? Let us know with your comments below.

Love, Em&D

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