Stake Wars III LiNEAR Challenge Winners Announcement

3 min readNov 16, 2022


LiNEAR as Key Partner of Stake Wars III

NEAR Stake Wars is a program that helps the community become familiar with what it means to be a NEAR validator, and helps decentralize the network. In Stake Wars: Episode III, NEAR is focusing on Chunk-Only Producers — NEAR’s next step toward a fully-sharded protocol.

LiNEAR contributed to Stake Wars III as a core organizer and partner from July to September this year, and helped with marketing, AMAs, challenge design, technical support, workshops, etc. during the program.

Check out the tweet for a brief recap about LiNEAR’s contribution during Stake Wars III.

LiNEAR Challenges

LiNEAR team designed 4 challenges for Stake Wars III which cover data analysis, staking algorithms, decentralized cloud hosting, and video tutorials, and sponsored 100~200 USD rewards in $LiNEAR for each winner.

  • Challenge 7: Data Science for Staking
  • Challenge 11: Staking Farm 2.0
  • Challenge 17: Testnet Validator on Decentralized Cloud Service
  • Challenge 18: Video Tutorials for the Community

More details about the challenges can be found here

LiNEAR Challenge Winners

Today we’re happy to announce the winners of the 4 challenges and share their great works to the community. The winners are selected by LiNEAR team following the judging criteria of each challenge.

Challenge 7: Data Science for Staking

Challenge 7 invites data analysts and data scientists to create cool data analytics with staking data on NEAR.

GateOmega has created a quite comprehensive data report about staking on NEAR:, which talks about staking distribution, liquid staking, staking v.s. supply, etc. with the data queried from NEAR RPC and NEAR Indexer.

Challenge 11: Staking Farm 2.0

Challenge 7’s objective is create next generation of staking solutions on top of the Staking Farm contract

Shard Labs has come up with an interesting design, which makes it possible to claim staking rewards without waiting for 4 epochs. Take a look at the detailed introduction of their solution here

Challenge 17: Testnet Validator on Decentralized Cloud Service

In Challenge 17, LiNEAR partnered with the decentralized cloud solution Akash to ask participants to test Chunk-Only Producers on testnet.

We have selected 3 great submissions who successfully deployed their testnet nodes on Akash and submitted tutorials about how to launch the validators.

Challenge 18: Video Tutorials for the Community

In Challenge 18, we want to increase the awareness of Stake Wars in the world and have encouraged participants to make videos to introduce NEAR’s technologies and Stake Wars.

Ready Layer One has made an excellent introduction about Nightshade and Stake Wars in their video here, with tens of thousands of views.

Create without Limits

Congratulations to all the winners!! Great work!! All the $LiNEAR rewards have already been distributed to the winners.

LiNEAR will continue to support the decentralization and innovation of the NEAR protocol and ecosystem in its roadmap, and make NEAR the best ecosystem for building the next generation applications. We’re looking forward to more creative and excellent works from our great community :)




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