John Koch has joined our team!

In 2016 I made a decision to hire someone to help me grow our team, our influence, our impact. I was looking for someone who could help expand the reach of our message; that we exist to make a positive impact, a difference in the world through the work we do.

I needed to find someone who had a difference-maker’s heart and mind, a game-changing ability to think and create, a history of coming alongside others and providing lift, tools, encouragement, follow up, etc.

I found him. Eureka! (It took a few months but I found him)

John Koch joined us in April this year. He oversees Marketing and Business Development. His background and fascination in technology, content creation, detail management, systems management — those certainly qualified him as an applicant. But I wanted more. I wanted a proven heart, a proven humbleness, a teachable spirit, a loyal friend on our team.

I had vetted those most personable attributes already with John, before I even told him about the job that was opening up.

John is a son to me. He married my little girl.

I remember when he took me out and asked my permission to propose to my baby, how he teared up when he thought of how special she was and that he felt he barely knew her yet but knew enough to commit his life to loving and protecting her. I remember, further back, when we sat and discussed him even dating our child and what his intentions were.

Who does that anymore?! John does.

John became a son to me then. I am grateful for his heart and courage as a man. I am impressed at his ability at work, though much of what we do in the mortgage world continues to emerge for him. In his first 2 months he’s had a huge impact. Our social media presence is changed, our marketing and brand message is refined, our alignment around products and tools is clearer.

In the middle of all that success is the guy behind it, the guy that is so very talented here at work but has those personal qualities that made it quite easy to agree that he was, in fact, the man who asked my blessing with Katelyn. When I walked her down the aisle, kissed her on the face and then took her hand and placed it in his, I did so confidently. John, like me, would lay down his life for that little girl who had grown into a lovely bride.

That’s the guy I hired for the job. That’s John. He’s that good.

Our work requires intelligence, commitment, and a heart of sacrifice and humble service. John has it and I admire it.

Please join me in welcoming John to our team here at Cornerstone in the Inland NW area. His impact is already felt and his influence is just beginning. But it’ll be great and beyond what I could have anticipated. I am honored to have him working with us, for us and in the strength of his uniquely gifted abilities.

Shoot him a text or an email if you’d have a moment — tell him you read the sappy post by his father in law. 425–443–7160 or

Welcome to the Cornerstone family, John!

Craig Ronning
Inland NW Area Manager
Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.

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