Bezeq Chooses Axonize as Its “Smart Business” IoT Platform

Offers the Solution to Over 560,000 Business Customers, “Deploying Any IoT Solution in Only Few Days”

Israel largest telecommunication company Bezeq (TLV: :BEZQ) selected Axonize to power their “Smart Business” services. The new service offering is geared toward small businesses as well as larger enterprises. Bezeq explains that all their customers, regardless of the business’s size, have the same drivers for digitizing. Their customers are interested in monitoring and control, followed by achieving cost reductions through operational efficiencies, as well as improving and adding service offerings.

Axonize’s platform is built for service providers and system integrators that need to scale to many customers, and require a short and efficient build cycle in order to do so.

Axonize was established in 2015 by Janiv Ratson (CEO) and Omri Cohen (CTO), previously executives at Schneider Electric. In early 2016, after graduating from the prestigious Microsoft Accelerator, they raised $1.5 million from Cornerstone Venture Partners and Stage One Ventures.

Bezeq/Axonize Smart Business Management System (Source: Bezeq site)

Developing a connected IoT offering for businesses of all sizes and industries is quite challenging. Bezeq chose Axonize solution in order to respond fast enough and to scale to thousands of potential customers, without the need to spend months per project, which is a typical development time on other IoT platforms. Prior to the launch, Bezeq conducted a thorough learning process with their customers, from retail through hotels and pharma companies, understanding their problems and constraints. These include energy savings, cold chain monitoring, asset tracking and more.

Axonize architecture is based on a pre-built, highly flexible application layer. Instead of developing an entire application for every customer, the system integrator just has to customize it. This reduces build time for a digital business to a handful of days, rather than months, allowing Axonize customers, as Bezeq, to offer higher ROI projects to its customers.

Bezeq’s service offers a variety of sensors, including touch sensors, volume controllers to detect traffic in a particular area, temperature — for detecting changes in cooling, smoke, heat, energy and curtain sensors . All of these sensors are managed by Axonize’s management system that includes a business dashboard, event management, and alarm system, all of which interface with the various Bezeq services and existing systems, enabling the connection of any IoT sensor and any communication protocol.

“Bezeq believes that with its solution, small businesses will be able to improve their knowledge of the business, without having to be experts in IoT or paying tens of thousands of shekels to purchase digital systems“ said Gil Rosen, VP of Marketing and Innovation at Bezeq.

Dozens of digital business projects are already planned at the time of the launch, and Bezeq expects to reach hundreds of customers by the end of 2017.

Axonize management team at Microsoft Ventures Demo Day, 2016

About Axonize:

Axonize enables enterprises to deploy any IoT (Internet of Things) solution in only few days, as opposed to 6–18 months with their competitors. Axonize sets itself apart from other solutions by automating the process of IoT deployment, thus enabling fast scaling of IoT solutions. The platform provides an out-of-the-box server that is highly secured, cost effective, time efficient, and simple to use.

Axonize’s platform enables its customers to focus on their core IoT business while enabling the commercialization of their devices and applications as quickly and efficiently as possible, without the need to invest development resources or time to develop and maintain their own server. Axonize’s technology, customer-authored plugins, and rule engines allow creating any additional business logic at any level of the system.

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