Web Accessibility Software Company User1st Partners with Dreamspace Foundation, To Advance Goal of Disability Inclusion

The Company Will Work with Members of the Non-Profit to Increase Awareness for Web Accessibility

In a move to further their goal of disability inclusion, User1st, a web accessibility software company will work with members of the non-profit organization, Dreamscape Foundation. Staff members who possess some form of disability from the Dreamscape Foundation will assist with testing services for the User1st platform, as well as provide help desk support. The opportunity arose through User1st’s strategic partnership with Intone Networks, an IT consulting firm who came up with the mutually beneficial arrangement.

Launched in 2014, User1st’s innovative technology enables companies to easily and efficiently ensure that individuals with disabilities can access their online content and that their websites are compliant with the highest web accessibility standards based on WCAG 2.0 AA Level. User1st’s automated software corrects accessibility issues on web pages by creating and applying accessibility skins that fit over the page without altering its content.

User1st has offices in Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv, Israel and is backed by US based venture capital firms as Cornerstone Venture Partners, 500 Startups, Shaked Ventures and private investors.

Dreamscape Foundation is a New Jersey registered charity and a 501c3 qualified non-profit organization dedicated to providing disabled individuals with the tools necessary to succeed in life. The group provides grants, accessibility tools, adaptive technology, educational accommodations, and more to assist people with disabilities to live independently.

“Receiving assistance from staff at the Dreamscape Foundation is a tremendous opportunity for us at User1st. We share the same objective of promoting independence for individuals with disabilities, and helping one another in our efforts is a win-win,” said Shawn Pike, Vice President of Sales at User1st.

“Dreamscape Foundation is always striving to enhance our accommodation programs to help those with sensory disabilities. It is an honor to team up with User1st to further assist people with visual impairments. As an individual who has a visual impairment, specifically LHON, I can personally endorse the value of the User1st tool as it enhances my productivity online. In collaboration with User1st, I hope we can generate a greater impact in the legally blind community by working together,” said Joseph Sehwani, Founder, and Trustee at Dreamscape Foundation.

About User1st:

User1st Ltd provides a cloud-based service designed for accessibility professionals, webmasters, content managers, user experience managers, and developers to make any website accessible without changing the existing codebase. This product detects, fixes, and monitors any website simply by adding a single line of code. The User1st Code-Fix Editor does the rest.

User1st provides tools to guide users through enabling all of the standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, including assisted keyboard navigation, dynamic color contrast, and screen reader compliance. User1st’s Accessibility Suite is continuously tested across all major browsers and screen readers, enabling the largest possible impact for disabled users.