Today it is March 8, 2020 International Women’s Day and I have the honour to speak at an event of the 102-year-old Academic women’s association, the VVAO in the Netherlands.

First, I’m going to celebrate the freedom. What an important right it is — for a woman — to speak my mind freely, that I was able to choose to participate in this debate and will step in the spotlight able to share my opinion and ideas. …

The Start of the ‘Roaring Twenties’

A new year, a new decade, a new dance.

Remember the “Roaring Twenties”, the decade of the 1920s in the Western Society. It was a period of economic prosperity with a distinctive cultural edge in Europa and The United States. This was a period of large-scale developments, use of new innovations, automobiles, telephones, movies, radio and all kind of electric appliances being installed in the day to day lives of the Westerners. Aviation became a business, traveling became a more and more common good. Economic growth accelerated by the consumer demand and significant new changes were introduced in lifestyles of the people. Media focus was on celebrities, sport heroes…

Wat Corporate Casting betreft kan de dag niet beter zijn begonnen.

Eindelijk gaat de discussie over het vrouwenquotum in Nederland een kant op waar de emotie verdwijnt en de harde cijfers en getallen voor zich spreken. Corporate Casting zet zich hier al jaren voor in. Wellicht kent u ons Damesgenootschap Kenau (sinds 2012)?

Het roer gaat om. We zijn er bijna, nog even stug volhouden en voor je het weet barst de strijd los om, het nu nog vaak onzichtbare vrouwelijk talent waar Nederland aan is rijk. Wat een prachtige gedachte en een spannende realiteit. Gaat het nu echt lukken…

Zolang als ik werk, zo’n 25 jaar is het vrouwenvraagstuk in Nederland een onderwerp van discussie.

Talloze initiatieven, onderzoeken en paneldiscussies zijn er door de jaren heen gevoerd over het gebrek aan deelname in ons land van vrouwen op sleutel- en top posities.

McKinsey & Co heeft in een rapport, de financiële impact inzichtelijk gemaakt en ook de SER buigt zich over de vraag. Toch blijft een aanzienlijke verbetering uit.

We kennen allemaal de lijstjes, aannames en vooroordelen. Ook herkennen we de teleurstellingen. We ervaren — de een meer dan de ander — aan den lijve hoe lastig het is…

I used to read comic books. Even at a young age the message in ‘Asterix and the Normans’ inspired me, the tough Vikings charging a village only to find it empty because the villagers have fled. The Vikings think the villagers fly away in fear. They believe that if they can know fear, they will also be able to fly. The problem is, they don’t know fear. Can you be courageous if you don’t know what fear is?

Throughout the story the Vikings get acquainted with fear through the awful sounds produced by Cacofonix, the bard. It doesn’t enable them…

Diversity & Inclusion are keys to succes

30 April 2019, Astrid van Heumen Corporate Casting, the Netherlands

Last week I had the great pleasure to join an all female entrepreneur trade mission organized by TEDxAmsterdamWomen and Facebook Amsterdam to San Francisco. Imagine the energy and enthusiasm, a troop of 35 amazing, talented and ambitious women from Amsterdam, held in stock while exploring bravely a whole new world and field of expertise together.

Some are leading corporate ladies other modest however adventurous female entrepreneurs as myself. All these women have an appetite for success and are on a mission; to find…

Corporate Casting goes Davos:

“Female Leadership: a brave new world!”

When I walked the streets, lectures, events and parties of Davos last week, I realized I was not only right in the heart of power, the centre of the universe — but that all attending players were only human. And that felt awfully good.

One of my oldest and most respected business relations realised my quest for diversity and inclusion needed top-notch inspiration, so he gave me pass-way to all those ‘happy few’ who were carefully waggling the slippery pavements of the fortress that is Davos.

Frankly, and despite being…

“Corporate Casting goes Davos”

As an entrepreneur you learn to appreciate the difference between good clients and good relations. Sometimes clients can become good relations and it is a given that it is less likely that good relationships become clients. But as a well educated and more seasoned you become with the years you have learned that it is wise to always remain in contact. You never know what the future has in stock.

A long-lasted relation surprised me in the most unexpected way. Not the regular applause and good meant advise, this time I got a true present that…

Too often you hear that if you ‘really follow your passion’ or ‘really go for what you want to do’ and ‘believe in yourself’ you can achieve everything you desire. The person telling the story is often an excellent example. It is a powerful message and we love to hear it; if we want something badly enough the world is ours. It irritates me because it is a false promise. I think it’s mean.

In the first paragraph of my book The Fearless Monkey I write that “you just have to dare to do what is important” to you. I…

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