Winning elections costs money.
Val Perry

Lol you need to look around and get out of that white liberal problem you currently inhabit. We had a centrist corporate democrat as our party’s nominee (I voted for her cause live in a swing state) and she lost to an orange buffoon who had a disapproval rating of 60% on election day. A lot of people especially actual progressives are tired of accepting crumbs if we’re even lucky to get them. The Democratic party should be the party of working people (Of all color, gender and orientation) they used to be back 30–40 years ago (Well mostly white) when they weren’t bought. You can’t expect unity if we don’t rationally address the deep problems of the party. We’ve been ignoring them for quite some times which is one of the reasons we have Trump as president. Also don’t blame 3rd party supporters they actually voted for their principles. Who you should be going up against is the 9% of Democrats who voted for Trump had they voted for Clinton she would’ve easily won the election with 300+ electoral votes. A lot of them probably came from the rust belt who’ve been angry at the Clintons for NAFTA.

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