October, being Energy Action Month, presents a perfect opportunity for all businesses to learn about and begin taking action to become more energy efficient. Developing an energy management plan will help your company reduce its energy use, costs, and impacts.

When I talk with business owners — especially of small or medium sized businesses — about their energy use and impacts, a typical response is:

A. We’re small so we don’t use much energy.

B. We don’t manufacture things so we don’t use much energy.

C. We rent our space so we can’t do much to reduce our energy use.

D. Our greenhouse gas emissions don’t really contribute that much to climate change. …

{This is the second in a series about a new breed of business striving to be a force for a better world. Here’s a link to the first blog post.}

As described in the first post in this series, there’s a movement afoot that is shifting how we view and measure corporate success. …

The news cycle feels overwhelming at times. We get barraged with negative stories about violence, corruption, greed, injustice, hate, and massive weather damage.

As sustainability professional, I get questions all the time about whether our collective goose is cooked. Is catastrophic climate change irreversible? What can I as an individual do to combat it? How can I do better as a business leader? Do my actions and decisions really make a difference?

While my responses may vary depending on the news cycle influences, I’m always able to consistently share hope by highlighting a new type of company and a burgeoning movement of “B Corps” — the better companies that often go by the designation “benefit corporations” and/or “certified B corporations™.” B Lab, the non-profit that started the “global movement of people using business as a force for good™,” has a vision that one day all companies compete not only to be the best in the world, but the “Best for the World®.” …


Colleen Morgan

Colleen is founder and president of Corporate Sustainability Advisors, LLC. She is a trusted environmental and sustainability consultant and attorney.