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What happens after you buy Corvil’s product? Sales Engineer Paul Min shares his thoughts on Corvil stewardship and maintaining customer relationships.

Yes, Corvil is the visionary and pragmatic solution for machine time analytics. 
Yes, Corvil is the industry leader in network trading analytics. 
Yes, Corvil is the defacto standard for infrastructure visibility.

So, you bought a Corvil.

But now what? What happens after the sale? What happens after a firm decides they want the best product out on the market inside their infrastructure?

Well, as a Sales Engineer here at Corvil, I can answer that: A LOT happens.

At Corvil, it’s embedded into our culture to create and maintain a partnership with our customers. Every customer is different, so we have internal programs and initiatives in place to engage with them and make sure they are getting the full value using their Corvil platform in the way that suits them best.

Further, many of our customers have infrastructures that change and evolve over time. That’s just the nature of the business. It’s always encouraging and gratifying to hear that whenever changes are initiated, operations teams make it mandatory for Corvil to guide and substantiate the changes, which gives their networking, support, and business departments the variances in visibility they respectively need.

Last week, I was conducting a Lunch & Learn with one of our customers — Frankly, this is what inspired me to share my thoughts! During that meeting, they raved about not only the product, but also highlighted the support they receive from us as the best in the industry. Accurate determination of issues, quality of resolution, and time to resolution are just a few of the mainstays in our support program.

Time and time again we hear from our customers that our support team is yet another staple that sets Corvil apart. With Corvil, installing the product is only the beginning of the transparency cycle.

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By Paul Min