Corvil Launches New Software-Defined Sensor Technology

Corvil Sensor Enables Performance and Security of Business-Critical Workloads in any Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Environment

It’s no secret that as organizations leverage cloud infrastructure, this adds to the complexity of IT infrastructure resulting in hybrid physical, virtual and cloud deployments becoming the norm. As this occurs, the network teams responsible for delivery of critical services regardless of the hosting technology are losing visibility as packets are no longer originating in the data center. Instead, they’re coming from within the cloud, creating an ultra challenging environment for analytics and security.

Enter Corvil Sensor — a software-defined solution for packet-level instrumentation of virtual machines in public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

What exactly does that mean? When Corvil customers are looking to migrate to cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure, Corvil Sensor provides a low-overhead software daemon that can be established on an application server in the public cloud within seconds. Packets from the cloud can be captured, and Corvil analytics can be instrumented dynamically and broadly with live insights and intelligence for HTTP/S, Database and Storage and other applications displayed on existing Corvil dashboards.

Using the same source of data, the network packets, both within your physical data center and the public cloud provides a number of advantages. Firstly, Corvil customers now have the same level of diagnostics, forensics and analytics they use to operate their business in traditional network non-Cloud infrastructure with no new tooling or training. This enables a direct comparison based off the same data source of the performance and application behavior between on-prem and cloud-deployed workloads, and between different cloud providers, side-by-side on the same dashboards. As well, analyzing application performance based on network data enables Corvil to report the impact of network performance for the cloud deployment.

As these enterprises migrate critical applications and workloads to the Cloud, Corvil Sensor will help them achieve the same levels of visibility and diagnostics that are available for on-premise applications. By employing our solution, network teams will no longer have to forgo visibility as they shift operations to the cloud, and will have real-time, continuous access to packet-based analytics.

Corvil Sensor will be available starting next month, and is offered for free to all existing Corvil customers.

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By Ken Jinks

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