Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis: How to ensure your Network and Application teams speak the same language

Miscommunication leads to mistakes. By uniting teams with a common language, Corvil guarantees accuracy and efficiency.

As a science fiction fan, I was excited to see the Oscar-nominated movie Arrival when it was released this November. Arrival is not your typical sci-fi movie with Green Men and Armageddon battle scenes. Instead, it leans heavily on the study of linguistic relativity, also known as the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis. This theory posits that different languages not only influence our thought and perceptions, but may also be responsible for how we perceive and understand our universal surroundings. Could this same phenomenon be happening to your Network and Application teams?

Our clients often complain of business and technological challenges, which includes managing numerous disparate systems such as their Trading Platforms, Market Data plants, and internally built Pricing Algo engines. To add to this complexity, Application and Network teams often use separate and sometimes totally differing monitoring solutions. It is this inconsistency in technical languages and approaches that leads to many wasted hours spent trying to identify the root cause of a problem.

The consequences are enormously frustrating, often resulting in end client experience degradation, dropped orders, response delays, and client miscommunications. These mishaps put a company’s reputation and integrity at stake.

So how can we better equip our teams to use the same technical language and point fingers in the right direction?

By monitoring and decoding Network Data in machine-time, Corvil can provide both network visibility and information about application performance. In doing so, Corvil enables both your Network and Application teams to speak the same language and read data from the same trusted and proven source. With Corvil, both teams have nanosecond granularity, gain visibility into each hop of crucial flows, and can see the Network and Application mapped together. By providing a unified view to your teams, Corvil creates more efficient teams. Rather than wasting time pointing fingers and trying to understand each other, teams can focus on resolving issues. This common language enables a quicker MTTR, and ultimately facilitates a more harmonious interaction between teams to ensure essential business operations.

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By Tien Hoang

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