BREAKING NEWS: The only person who can help the man above is himself.

BREAKING NEWS: You’re Not Broke Because You’re Black…or White, or Hispanic, or Asian (The Truth About #TakeAKnee and Getting What We Want)


After witnessing this morning the head coach of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich, go on a verbal rampage in the video below, whereby he states that “white people…need to be made uncomfortable”, due to his belief that “white privilege” is a real thing and that it is white peoples’ fault that black people (and other minorities) don’t apparently have the same opportunities in America as white people (despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary), I can no longer stay silent.

To start, Gregg Popovich is the 7th wealthiest coach in the NBA, with an annual salary of around $6 million, a net worth of something like $20 million, and a team full of black millionaires under his leadership, which means that he knows less about feeling “uncomfortable” than 99% of Americans, regardless of skin color, and therefore is in no position to be lecturing anyoneabout how much comfort they do or don’t need to feel. As a Peak Potential Coach, whose job it is to teach people how they can achieve success, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc., and who knows that personal responsibility, not race, is the cornerstone of all success, I am shocked and appalled that a fellow coach would even suggest, for one second, that you or I could be responsible for someone else’s success (or lack thereof).

Furthermore, despite the fact that Popovich had an amazing platform here, a San Antonio Spurs press conference, whereby he could have said anything he wanted to and whereas he had plenty of time to offer up some some real solutions to the “problem” of “racial inequality” that he perceives in America, I noticed he didn’t offer a single idea as to how we, as a society, can make the poor black folks he claims to care so much about feel better. Accordingly, Popovich has not only exposed himself as part of his own “problem”, as opposed to part of a potential solution, in that all he’s done is make the “problem” worse by doing literally nothing but talking about it, but a full-blown racist himself, who clearly hates not only the color of his own skin, but the color of mine as well.

That said, my intention with this post is not to be another in a long line of losers like Popovich, who apparently believes that “taking a knee” during the National Anthem makes someone a hero, that simply pissing and moaning about a “problem”, as opposed to offering solutions to it, makes someone a “leader”, and that talking about vague concepts like “hope” and “change” is the same thing as actually affecting change. Instead, my intention is to do here what racist imbeciles like Popovich, Colin Kaepernick, and Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys football team are seemingly incapable of doing, which is actually teaching you, and anyone else with ears to hear, what it truly takes to be successful in this life. And I’ll give you a hint: It isn’t white skin.

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Before I go any further, allow me to preface what I’m about to say by stating that as an American author and, more specifically, the author of the children’s book Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series (which, by the way, is all about escaping poverty and creating abundance, and features characters with no race, no religion, and no political leanings whatsoever), I’m not even supposed to be writing a blog post like this, because, as a writer, I’m supposed to espouse only “liberal” points of view in my writing, and this post will surely come across as “Conservative” in nature to most people. That said, I’m going to say what I want to say, regardless of how it comes across to others, because, frankly, I couldn’t care less what others (let alone people who are stupid enough to actual label themselves with words like “conservative” and “liberal”) think of me.

This is not because I’m a Donald Trump supporter (even though I am). It’s not because I’m white (even though I am). And it’s most definitely not because I’m racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, “deplorable”, or any other verb that “liberals”, “social justice warriors”, and stereotypical “snowflakes” love to throw at anyone and everyone they disagree with (as a matter of fact, I’m one of the nicest, kindest, and most compassionate people you’ll probably ever meet). It’s because I am a free-thinking person who can think for himself (as opposed to a mindless zombie/lemming that goes along with whatever everyone else is doing or whatever is most “trendy” at any given time), a success-oriented individual (who is focused not on so-called “problems”, as Gregg Popovich is, but on solutions), and the conscious creator of my own reality (as opposed to a victim of circumstance who mistakenly believes that he or she is at the mercy of other people, places, things, and circumstances and completely incapable of choosing their own destiny/life path).


Simply put, I am a Manifestation Machine, which means that, unlike the vast majority of people in this world, who behave, collectively, as if they are a school of lifeless logs being bandied about, against their will, by the river of life, destined to drift aimlessly from one situation they don’t like to the next, with there being nothing they can do about it, I believe I am the master of my own destiny, the dictator of my own circumstances, and the prime determining factor in whether I get what I want versus what I don’t want. Accordingly, I do not spend my precious time focusing on what I don’t want (as in, police brutality, “social injustice”, politicians whose viewpoints I don’t personally agree with, etc.), but on what I do want, which is success, freedom, and happiness, not just for me, but for all eight billion people on this planet.

And that, right there, my friends, is the reason why I recently earned nearly three quarters of a million dollars in only 18 months, whereas the vast majority of people consider themselves lucky if they can even pay this month’s bills. That, right there, is the reason for why I’ve been able to take that money and parlay it into this website, a children’s book (the aforementioned Breaking Away), a successful foray into the world of investing, and a fledgling career as a Peak Potential Coach, whereby I now have the power and the ability to teach my Four C’s of Success personal manifestation process to others, whereas most people behave as though they’re completely powerless.

The reason is not, I repeat not, because I’m “white”.

You see, the nature of this Universe of ours, and the manner by which it goes about taking that which is unseen (that which we most desire) and making it seen (or physically manifest in the world), is not dependent upon the color of our skin, nor our religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. This Universe (and if you want to call it God, or Allah, that’s fine by me) is indifferentto whether we’re black or white, gay or straight, Christian or Atheist, Muslim or Jewish, rich or poor. To be blunt with you, it simply doesn’t care. At the end of the day (and each and every day), the Four C’s of Success (which you can learn more about by listening to the interview I recently did with Marisol Sanchez of the ShitUCantMakeUp podcast) work the same way for everyone, and so you have no one to blame but yourself if you’re unhappy with your life or dissatisfied with your circumstances.

At it’s heart, the Four C’s are about four things: Knowing what we want, why we want it, waiting for the how to hit you (as in, what we need to do to get what we want), and taking inspired action to make it a reality. And the first of those four things, knowing what we want, is where most people, regardless of the color of their skin, mess the manifestation process up.

You see, unlike President Donald Trump, who, regardless of whether you believe this or not, knows exactly what he wants, 99% of people (including, I would say, 95% of the NFL players who’ve been “taking a knee” as of late) have absolutely no idea what they want. As a result, they spent the vast majority of their time not on what they want, but on what other people want, and as a result, they get not what they want, but — you guessed it — what other people want. And in this case, the “other people” means Donald Trump.


Now, “Wait, wait, wait…you just wait one non-racist, cotton-picking minute!”, I can hear some of my readers thinking, “How could I possibly be giving Donald Trump what he wants by ‘taking a knee’ in protest of him, or by encouraging other people to do the same?”

Before I answer that, and if you’re one such reader pondering this type of question, I want you to ask yourself a different question: Did you independently decide to #TakeAKnee, or to encourage others to do so, or were you simply reacting to something Donald Trump said? In other words, did you just wake up one morning and think to yourself, “You know what I feel like doing today? Spontaneously protesting Donald Trump by kneeling during the National Anthem!” or did you only decide to protest because Donald Trump “triggered” you?

If you’re honest, you’ll admit that it was the latter, and whether you like it or not, Donald Trump has your number, in terms of his ability to “push your buttons” or elicit an emotional reaction from you, essentially any time he damn well pleases. And do you know what that tells me? It tells me that, you my friend, are not a Manifestation Machine (that is, a success-oriented, conscious creator of your own reality), but an emotionally-malleable piece of putty in the hands of anyone who knows just which “buttons” of yours to press and how hard to press them, and at what times. Accordingly, your chances of becoming successful are slim to none.

Knowing this, the next question you need to ask yourself is, “Why is it so easy for a guy like Donald Trump to rile me up and make me spend half my day ranting and raving on Facebook or Twitter, in response to something he said?”

I can answer that question for you right now: It’s because you have absolutely no clue what you want. If you did, believe me, you’d have far more important things to do than worry about what Donald Trump thinks about football players kneeling before their games.

To illustrate this point, I will use myself (a true Manifestation Machine, if ever there was one) as an example:

While I may see something that Donald Trump says or does, and while I may initially feel a certain way about it (just as I’m sure you do), I do not allow those feelings to interrupt my Four C’s process, hijack my agenda, or cause me to spend copious amounts of time bitching, pissing, and moaning about things I can’t change on Facebook and Twitter, especially whereas I know that doing so would do me no good. That said, if I do spend any time talking about Trump’s tweets anywhere, such as in this post, you can rest assured that I am doing so as part of a “bigger picture”, which ties into the success of my Manifestation Machine brand, and not because I am so bored, lacking in emotional stability, or void of any meaningful goals or aspirations that I literally have nothing better to do than react to the President’s tweets. In other words, I know what I want, and everything I do is connected to it in some way or another, whether directly or indirectly, and the same should go for anyone who claims to be as success-oriented as me.

That said, getting what we want is not only about knowing what we want (or in having a “definite purpose”, as the late, great Napoleon Hill would say, behind everything we do), but about why we want it. In other words, it’s about actually giving a shitabout the things we say we want want. Unfortunately, for most people, what they “give a shit” about are things they have absolutely no control over, such as the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, or actions of other people (such as Donald Trump), or things that quite literally have nothing to do with them and/or don’t affect them or their loved ones in any appreciable way (such as football players kneeling or not kneeling, especially whereas most people don’t even watch football). Accordingly, such people don’t get shit from life, as in, what they want from it, but rather shit on by life, in the form of ever-increasing amounts of people, places, things, and circumstances they don’t want.

This is what Mark Passio, a noted expert in both the occult and natural law (such as the Law of Attraction, the Law of Cause and Effect, etc.), is talking about when he, in the video below, talks about “care” (that is, real, genuine care or concern for the things we say we want) being the “generative principle” or the “life blood” behind the physical manifestation of anything desired by anyone. This is what he is talking about when he tells us that what we care enough about to focus on or to spend our time on is what is made manifest in our physical world, and this is what I am talking about when I tell you that it is not the color of your skin that dictates whether you get what you want or not, but what you really, truly give a shit about.


Simply put, if you want to stop seeing certain things popping up in your life, stop focusing on those things and find something else, something better, something specific you actually want to focus on instead. For example, if you want to lose weight, stop focusing on “losing weight” and focus on “getting fit” instead. Similarly, if you want to get out of debt, stop focusing on “getting out of debt” and start focusing on “getting rich”.

As I’m writing this, I’m remembering a great example of someone focusing on what they wanted, which was when Mahatma Gandhi once famously turned down an invite to an anti-war protest by stating that while he wasn’t interested in anything anti-war, he’d have been happy to attend a pro-peace rally. And that, right there, my friends, is the difference between getting what you want — for example, peace — and getting what you don’t want — as in, war. It is the difference between “taking a knee” during the National Anthem, under the belief that you are “protesting” against something you say you don’t want, such as racism, police brutality, or “social injustice” (whatever that is), and rallying for something specific that you do want, such as a world where everyone believes as I do, which is that the color of one’s skin is irrelevant, a criminal justice system that treats everyone the same, regardless of what they look like, and a social system that places the most value not on where people were born or on how much they earn, but on the content of their character and the value they add to society.

So, enough! I say. We, as a society, are never going to affect real, lasting, and positive change where race relations are concerned, until we can stop talking about what is “wrong” with society (i.e.: how “racist” it is, how “divided” it is) and start deciding, first of all, what “right” actually looks like, and second of all, that we actually want it, enough to actually do something about it. As stated in my children’s book, “If you truly believe in something, that is, if you care enough about it to not just dream about it, but to do something about it, your belief will bring it to you.”

As far as what we can do to help our beliefs bring what we want to us, while I must say that I prefer to leave the “how” up to God (or the Universe, or whatever you’d like to call it), I can tell you, one thing that is not going to help is “taking a knee”, or making any other vague gesture, during the National Anthem, or any other song, for that matter.

Yes, “taking a knee” can raise awareness of an issue, just like running in a Susan G. Kommen “Race for the Cure” can raise awareness of the existence of breast cancer, but at the end of the day, “problems” aren’t solved by focusing on the “problems” or by raising awareness of them; they are solved by actually solving them, and that process always starts with the first two C’s of the Four C’s of Success process: 1) Deciding what we want and 2) caring enough about it to make it a reality.

In conclusion, until we, as a people, as a society, are ready to turn our attention away from what we don’t want and to turn it towards what we do want, in my opinion, there is literally nothing left to talk about. As they say, talk is cheap, and so while you may or not like what Donald Trump has to say about his desire to see all professional sports athletes respecting the United States flag and standing for the National Anthem, the fact of the matter is that by him being so specific about not only what he wants but why he wants it, he is doing a great job of doing what all Manifestation Machines do, which is standing up for what he personally believes in, while his haters are too busy kneeling to stand up for anything.

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