How can we realise a powerful design? When is it really powerful?
My experience in advertising in addition to my background focused on neuroscience made me think a lot about the audiences; about what I make them feel; how they want to feel; if they start to process the information that I wanted to deliver to them; which’s decisions they take once they approach my design; why they take that particular decision.

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What is clear by the way, it’s that all decisions involve emotions.

Like human begin, we pretend to think that we are logical and everytime we make a…

Every time we design something, we’re trying to communicate something to our viewer. But how do we share our message if we have to use only images?
Simple, we have to use contrasts.

Contrast in design by me

When I talk about contrast, I mean every single visual component that makes up a single frame, so size, weight and colour (tints, tones or shades).

Good designers are able to play with these elements and highlight the right object in the composition, in order to communicate the correct information to the viewer.

To begin we have to determine the subject of our design

The ability to create a great experience is a bit like know how to tell a good story.

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Since from the beginning, humans used stories to expose and share facts, feeling, value or dreams. From the first human in the cave to the Egyptian, until these days, we use stories to tell something about us or the world that surrounds us.

But what is a story?

It’s a series of events that happen to someone and how they respond.

Our brain seeks out patterns that it can complete into stories. …

A product or service provides better emotional experiences when they respond in ways that are predictable or easy anticipated.

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In the last few years, there’s been a massive change in user-machine interaction. By now, the users have daily interaction with an impressive amount of devices, most of them with different interfaces and different tasks required.

The main problem so far is how we can make sure that the users have a clear understanding of how to interact with a specific product/interface or how to accomplish a task without making the users in the condition to stop thinking about what they…

It’s always important delivery a good representation of the information if you want to drive your audiences to take the desiderate final action.

Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash

Right now there is more data available that we can comfortably process, so the Information Visualisation is designed to help the audience to make sense regarding the data.

What makes people passionate about your product/service if the pure and simple experience. In the end, they will be going to be committed to it.
In order to make people passionate, you have to understand who they are. The research will help you to insight deep into the audience.

Cosimo Scarpa

UI & IxD // Visual Design //

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