CAPS2015 // 7–8 July 2015: harnessing the power of Networked Social Responsibility

An entire ecosystem of initiatives innovates the European and worldwide societies through a plurality of voices and approaches (social entrepreneurship, crowdfunding, sharing economy, P2P, sustainable consumption, just to mention a few). What they all have in common is the use of the Internet and the Internet of Things as a lever to scale, engage, ideate, debate, impact and overall: tackle societal challenges.

From July 7th to July 8th, Brussels will be hosting CAPS2015, the international annual event on Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation. A first batch of projects under this denomination has been launched with the support of the European Commission in 2013 (FP7 Call 10), and they are all involved in the elaboration of this event. A second Call is currently open within the Horizon 2020 EU Research & Innovation Programme, with for main challenge to harness the collaborative power of ICT networks (networks of people, of knowledge, of sensors, etc.) to create collective and individual awareness about the multiple sustainability threats which our society is facing nowadays at social, environmental and political levels.

The event theme is ‘Networked Social Responsibility’. The CAPS acronym covers a wide range of approaches, activities and paradigms, impossible to pull together without rough simplifications. Nonetheless, at Sigma Orionis we believe they all have in common a social responsibility dimension, that we define as caring for the common good and fostering societal changes as immediate objective or direct consequence of one’s work or engagement. Our part in this big picture is facilitating the encounter, creative clash and collaboration of the widest number of individuals, initiatives, projects and organisations sharing this commitment. The CAPS umbrella thus provides a good opportunity to bring together academics, businesses, grassroots and citizens around compelling issues that tend to be addressed separately by a number of events and festivals. CAPS2015 is therefore the forum where public and private, transnational and local, researchers and makers can meet.

This second edition of the event will start with a Conference in the morning of July 7 at the European Commission (Centre Albert Borschette), and will continue in the afternoon with the OFF Programme at La Tricoterie which will last until July 8 evening.

The Conference Programme will enhance dialogue between the European Commission and bottom-up organisations and practitioners. We will involve Members of the European Parliament and bring at the same table EC officers, activists, social entrepreneurs and researchers.

Leveraging on the success of the CAPS2014 OFF, the 2015 OFF Programme offers a dynamic schedule of talks, unconferences, workshops, hands-on sessions, and networking moments. Its programme is partly crowd-sourced from the community through an Open Call open until April 30 and reflecting the participatory and inclusive ambition of the event. The venue itself concurs to enrich the programme: Brussels is the European institutions Capital, but also an extremely active and engaged metropolis: in this context La Tricoterie wants to be a “Link Factory”, a meeting place where various disciplines and audiences can meet, in a spirit of exchange and emulation.

The CAPS2015 event is organised with the support of the CAPS2020 project coordinated by Sigma Orionis, and benefits from the support of the European Commission. The event is free because we want to go beyond the usual suspects and allow everybody to attend. If you want to help us ‘reach the Moon’ you can get in touch for our sponsorship opportunities.

Stay tuned with #CAPS2015eu on social media (our Twitter handles are @CAPS2020eu and @SigmaOrionis, you can find us also on LinkedIN) and make sure you get one ticket here!

For all enquiries, contact:

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