How can a tummy tuck surgery help relieve back ache?

A tummy tuck surgery, generally known as abdominoplasty, is done to remove the excess amount of fat and skin around the stomach. During this process doctors also endeavour to re-establish abdominal muscles that have either weakened or even separated.

Along with tummy tuck, many individuals also opt for a panniculectomy, in which the doctors remove any overhanging skin situated below the belly button. Excess tissue is also removed. This skin which hangs over the stomach, is known to cause various issues like the occurrence of cysts and yeast infections, problems with maintaining regular hygiene and even lower back pain.

Thus, opting for a tummy tuck and a panniculectomy can significantly help with the improvement of back ache.

How does an abdominplasty help with the alleviation of back ache?

While an abdominoplasty surgery, effectively tightens the muscles of the stomach, a panniculectomy effectively removes the excess skin and tissue. In fact, certain doctors are of the opinion that a tummy tuck surgery, creates a kind of an “internal corset” for the patient, thus supporting the back like a brace. This benefits back pain to a great extent, offering relief to the patient from constant discomfort.

The reasons for the back pain generally determine if an abdominoplasty will help or not. If the patient is suffering from back pain because of an anatomic issue, an abdominoplasty surgery will not be of much help. But, if the back pain is a result of excess weight gain or a pregnancy (in case of women), an abdominoplasty can be opted for.

Generally, an abdominoplasty reduces the gap between the rectus abdominal muscles.The gap may have occurred during pregnancy or because of obesity. This alignment of the muscles relatively helps with the improvement of back pain.

Medical opinion

Doctors are of the opinion that although a tummy tuck surgery may help with back pain relief, it is not the case with all patients. Thus back pain relief, should not be the primary reason when opting for a tummy tuck.

When considering a tummy tuck surgery in Chennai, many options are available as the procedure has become quite popular. Before settling down on a particular hospital and surgeon to undergo the procedure, be sure to make the necessary enquiries about the reputation of the hospital and if an abdominoplasty surgery is particularly required. If so, prepare for the surgery properly and make the required arrangements with family and friends for recovery and care post the surgery.