Is a tummy tuck surgery only for celebrities?

Abdominplasty, or what is commonly known as atummy tuck surgery, is a surgical procedure in which excess loose skin is removed from your abdomen to make it look and feel firm. Quite a fad among celebrities, you’ll find famous stars from Angelina Jolie in Hollywood to Farah Khan in Bollywood going under the knife for this procedure.

Now this brings us to the important question- can only celebrities get an abdominoplasty surgery done?

Well that is not true. Although it is true that a tummy tuck surgery can cost you a little, but these costs are a standard these days no matter which procedure you go through. If you are dissatisfied with your appearance and the excess flab near your tummy area, you can opt for this surgery.

When do you qualify for an abdominoplasty surgery?

· You have loose abdominal skin that diet and exercise have failed to correct

· You are in good health and do not suffer from any major medical conditions

· If you’re a woman who has recently gone through a pregnancy and has loose skin on her abdomen

· If you were obese and lost a lot of weight leading to the accumulation of skin on your abdomen

The causes behind the accumulation of fat and loose skin in your belly can be many including pregnancy, ageing, your genes, a prior surgery, extreme fluctuations in your weight etc. You can opt for a tummy tuck surgery for any of the above reasons.

How does a tummy tuck work?

Often confused with liposuction, this surgery removes your fat and tightens the muscles in your abdomen to make your abdomen look flatter and tauter, while also reducing the appearance of stretch marks. However, keep in mind that this surgery is not a weight loss solution if you’re obese or overweight. Although the results are mostly permanent, you can get belly fat again if you don’t exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

The types of tummy tuck surgery

An abdominoplasty can be of two types-

· Complete tummy tuck: In this procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will make an incision in your belly from one hipbone to the other and then shape your abdomen as much as required to make it look firm.

· Mini or partial tummy tuck: This is done if the fat has mostly accumulated below your navel; a smaller incision is made and this procedure roughly takes just about two hours.

The cost of an abdominoplasty surgery

The cost of a tummy tuck surgery in Chennai can vary depending on the case, and can depend on various factors, like a patient’s medical history, specifics about the patient’s health. Most clinics will assign a case manager to will create a tailor-made treatment plan for you.It is wise that you consult your doctor before opting for this surgery as it is a major decision and a bit of an expense. But if you do go ahead, follow a proper diet plan and exercise regime religiously to maintain your new flat belly.