How to Buy and Stake Cosmic Gold Token

Quick guide to participate in the Cosmic Champs COSG token launch

4 min readApr 20, 2022

The plans for the Cosmic Champs metaverse are vast. For anyone bold enough to take the journey with us to the far reaches of our play-to-earn universe, the COSG token is launching soon. Here is your step-by-step how to guide for adding the token to your bags.

If you’re keen to learn more about Cosmic Champs, we’ve done a number of AMAs and interviews over the last week that are listed at the end of the post under “Resources”.

There is no pressure to be involved at launch. DYOR and come up with your own strategy. If in doubt, it might be best to watch the launch from the sidelines. There’s plenty of other opportunities to join our Cosmic journey. The launch of our governance token is just the beginning.

COSG Essentials

1. Get a Pera Wallet on your mobile device

  • Download a Pera wallet from the app store:

2. Swap ALGO for COSG

3. Stake COSG for COSG Rewards on Cometa

  • Go to staking pools page on Cometa
  • Connect your wallet
  • On the dashboard, click anywhere on the COSG to COSG pool. It will say “STAKE COSG EARN COSG.”
  • Opt-in to the Cometa Staking Pool and the smart contract if prompted
  • Under “STAKE” enter the amount of COSG you wish to deposit. You can enter a number manually, or choose “MAX” to add all of your COSG. Once ready, click “Stake”. Sign the transaction as prompted and that’s it!

Success! You have now successfully staked your COSG! Keep track of your staked COSG as well as your Total COSG in Wallet at the bottom of the overview page.

4. Claiming Rewards

From the Cometa’s staking pool page, click on the COSG to COSG pool. Click “Claim.” Then sign the transactions as prompted by your Pera wallet.

Success! You have now successfully claimed your COSG! Keep track of your COSG at the bottom of the overview page.

6. Resources

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⚡️ARTICLE: Cosmic Champs: the First 3D Game On Algorand Blockchain

⚡️FAQ: Cosmic Champs FAQ

About Us

Cosmic Champs is a play and earn, tower rush, real-time strategy game developed by gaming studio, Mad Shapes. It aims to remove many of the existing barriers to entry for typical P2E games. This means it’s mobile-first and no wallet, tokens, or NFTs are required to play when we officially launch. These innovations position Cosmic Champs as the benchmark for crypto games in GameFi. The game is accessible here via Android and iOS devices or via a web browser. Cosmic Champs NFTs are the gold standard in 3D game-ready NFTs on the Algorand blockchain. Cosmic Champs graduated from the Algorand Foundation and Draper University Blockchain Accelerator Program in 2021 and conducted an over-subscribed private sale led by Borderless Capital.

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Cosmic Champs is building the first 3d P2E NFT mobile game on the Algorand blockchain.