Cosmic Dynasty White Paper (Part 1)


Our goal is to enable everyone that desires to play the game to be the creator of this metaverse. Starting with the planet Mars as our first creation within the Cosmic Dynasty. Allowing owners of land NFTs to build anything they can imagine via importing 3D assets, or even buying 3D assets from creators within the Cosmic Dynasty marketplace.

The Cosmic Dynasty metaverse will be a “Free to Explore” metaverse with the ability to play competitive games for money. All games will be familiar AAA game modes such as Battle Royal and other popular game modes for an entry price as low as $0.25 in Credits. Each game will take place randomly over land NFT tiles that encompass the map. This enables profit sharing for land owners that host games. Likewise players also earn rewards if they win a match, or split rewards if on a team. All rewards are in Credits, which can be traded to Solana or USD.

The development tools and blockchain we choose to build with are vital to the the success of Cosmic Dynasty. For a metaverse like Cosmic Dynasty to exist we need to use a game engine called Unreal Engine 5 (UE5). With UE5 we are able to do some incredible things utilizing new features such as World Partition, Lumen, and Nanite to name a few. In addition to having a powerful game engine, we also need a powerful, cost effective, and blazing fast blockchain to use as our core foundation. Solana, is the only blockchain at this current moment we see that can do exactly what we need with an average tx cost of: $0.00025.

Intended Audience

This white paper has been created for the sole propose to provide an in-depth overview of a sandbox, open world, blockchain game called: Cosmic Dynasty. This paper at it’s core shows methods in which blockchain and gaming can provide an immersive and rewarding experience. This paper is not intended to be a deep-dive into the core functions or technical development of the actual game, but scraping the surface of the potential that lies beyond.

This paper was written for the following persons: Video gamers, space enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, real estate enthusiasts and those alike.

What is Cosmic Dynasty

Unprecedented advancement and breakthroughs within the gaming and blockchain industry have opened the doors for a new era of games to emerge. From real time rendering of cinema quality graphics with UE5 to having a massive multiplayer open world game hosted on the blockchain. Along with the ability to use Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent ownership of everything in game. Cosmic Dynasty is creating a real world economy that replicates tangible assets and items in real life.

Utilizing the blockchain, we are able to have a completely trustless game operating without the need of any human interference. Simply connect your Solana wallet to access your account and inventory in-game. Everything is saved to your wallet address and can not be manipulated, hacked, deleted or altered without your permission and wallet signature.

This means players can’t hack the game to use any weapon, aim bots or change the rules in any specific players favor. Everyone playing will have the same codebase for the game to run, any injections will throw that player and they will forfeit their entry.

This is just a simple overview of why we are using blockchain at the core of Cosmic Dynasty and how we are able to offset server loads and anti-cheating.

Being built with a blockchain backend such as Solana, we are able to offer real time asset recording based on user wallets/accounts. Additionally the Solana blockchain offers 50,000 transactions per second, which is more than enough for real time verification and rendering of privately owned assets. Both within the Metaverse mode and Competitive game mode.

Unreal Engine 5 is an extremely powerful game engine that has recently been updated from its predecessor UE4. UE5 is an advancement of what Unreal Engine had to offer in the past expanding on the tools and features that have never before been available to developers until now.

These tools include World Partition, Nanite, Lumen, and MetaSounds. With World Partition, we are able to save processing power by rendering X amount of tiles around the current player (great for huge open worlds) without lowering performance. Introducing Nanite, we are able to get 8k quality textures without slowing down your graphics card by only getting high level of detail polygons from objects that are closest to your focal view. With Lumen, we are able to provide real time global illumination that replicates life like shadows and sun rays. Additionally, MetaSounds is a great way in-which we are able to add conversational audio between characters or even procedural music within the planet.

For non-developers, this means that we are able to produce the highest level of graphics (cinema quality) in real time with no lag.

Similar to the physical world, users will need to set their own goals and create their own journey. Within Cosmic Dynasty there are no singular objectives that are required or missions needed to accomplish.

Earn Credits for mining/working on land NFT tiles that are owned. Charge visitors an admission fee to enter your land NFT that want to see or experience an attraction you have made. (Create your own NFT museum to showcase your collection)

Make friends with your neighbors, fight with them, or pretend they don’t exist. Whatever the majority decides to do will shape the future of the entire planet and ecosystem.

Someone may find themselves as a leader and get to know all the land owners and create something special throughout the entire world. Or they might even create sanctions, peace treaties, or join forces as allies. The possibilities are endless within the Cosmic Dynasty metaverse.

Become the pioneer on your adventure within Cosmic Dynasty metaverse. Explore the entire planet from top to bottom, find hidden items, loot, resources, and more all scattered around the planet. Be prepared to defend yourself on long and lonesome journeys, if you are not careful you could be attacked by aliens and lose any unclaimed items. Surviving and defeating the alien invaders while exploring will reward you with rare items. Navigate the massive open world with your friends or brave to take it on alone.

The main strategy of the game is to acquire land, farm/mine it for Credits which can be used for building and designing your land, stake land NFTs for royalties from competitive games, make allies with neighbors, and make your mark within the Cosmic Dynasty metaverse.

An alternative or additional strategy would be to acquire and upload a Metahuman character, customize him or her as you wish. Grow your in-game skills and play against others in competitive games for Credits that which can be traded to Solana or used to buy items and land from the marketplace.

Both methods can produce positive outcomes which can provide a fun and rewarding experience while playing Cosmic Dynasty.

Each planet will have a total of only 10,000 land NFTs. There will be many benefits of being a land NFT holder within the Cosmic Dynasty metaverse. For instance, when competitive games in Cosmic Dynasty take place, users will pay-to-play in our native token called the Centauri Credit Standard which is commonly referred to as Credits for short. Games will be hosted on random land NFT tiles and the owners will receive a portion of the reward pool for being the game host. Additionally, land owners can build on their land, then sell that asset for it’s intrinsic value.

Land Development & Construction

Being a land owner gives you the power to add anything you can imagine to your land. You can create anything from scratch using a program called Blender. Simply use our recommended export settings and scaling options to easily import your 3D assets directly into the Cosmic Dynasty metaverse.

Likewise, you can also browse the in-game asset store to purchase 3D objects, buildings, materials, vehicles and more. Easily create the space you have always dreamt of within the Cosmic Dynasty metaverse, simply drag and drop.

Royalties for Land Owners

As competitive games take place, a random box selection of 1 NFT tile will be used to host the game. Providing users with a new map/zone while playing as well as allowing for fair distribution of hosting fees. In order to participate or to be eligible to earn royalties on your land NFT, users must stake the land NFT on the staking dashboard to claim your accumulated rewards. If users do not stake the land NFT, then others who are staking their land NFT will earn the royalties instead of the land owner.

Land owners within Cosmic Dynasty will earn staking rewards based on the games that take place within the metaverse. The most profitable games for both players and land owners are the battle royal games which will consist of 100 players. This means if each player pays $1 in Credits and a game is hosted on a land owners NFT tile, they will earn 20% of the entire reward pool or $20 in Credits for this example. If a user holds more land NFTs, the user will have more opportunities to earn rewards.

Land Borders & Lockouts

For some land owners, having a completely open world sandbox game where other users can do as they wish, can potentially have some drawbacks. For now this may go unnoticed but soon, land owners might have some troublesome neighbors or unwanted visitors trespassing on a land NFT tile.

Logically to combat this land owners could build a wall, but a player could simply fly over that. So, we have come up with a few solutions to the problem. Borders, ownership, and right of passage will be similar to that of the physical world.

What this means is, if a land owner builds a wall, most people will be forced to walk or drive around the property. Owners can lock doors so that other players are denied entry to a house or building. If there are unclaimed resources or objects on your land, then anyone playing can claim this as their own regardless if you own the land or not. This is because mineable resources are available throughout the entire planet. Additionally, loot is also randomly spawned for those exploring and is considered free game until someone claims it.

The Cosmic Dynasty marketplace is a great place to get started especially if you are not familiar with designing 3D assets in Blender. We aim to have a vibrant community of designers and enthusiasts creating assets that anyone can buy in the marketplace for their own use. Allowing for these creators to make supplemental income doing something they already love.

Every asset before being added to the marketplace will undergo an in-depth review in advance of being listed for sale or use. This is to ensure that we are compliant with any copyright infringements or trademarks, all submitted content is from the original creator, and it can be properly used within the game. Incentivizing for original creators to submit their designs, music, or other forms of art to be featured and sold for royalties.

Types of Marketplace Items

  • 3D Assets (Buildings, Objects, Vehicles, etc)
  • Clothing & Accessories (Hats, Shoes, Paints, etc)
  • Music & Video (In game sound tracks, driving music, movies, etc)
  • Tickets & Events (Exclusive events on select land NFT tiles)
  • Plus more yet to be revealed!

Our approach to in-game characters is slightly more advanced compared to other games. Starting out, users will be able to choose from our default starter characters to play the game. More advanced users will be able to create their own Metahuman with Quixel Bridge then download and import that character within the game to play with.

This allows for unlimited creativity and design when it comes to having a unique character. These characters are not NFTs, as per the EULA from our partners. However, the attachments, clothing, glasses, hats, accessories, rare items, and more will be NFTs that are 3D assets for your character.

Users will have two options upon initial launch of the game to either select a Metahuman or to upload a Metahuman. At anytime, a user can upload a new Metahuman and replace the current character.

We will have a complete guide providing detailed settings for exporting your own Metahuman and uploading them within Cosmic Dynasty.

Within the game modes, you will be able to select “Competitive Games”. These games will consist of paid games with different lobby entrance fees. This entrance fee will range from $0.25 in Credits to $100 in Credits for high roller games. Each player is essentially adding to the the pool and once the lobby is full, the game will begin.

If a player decides to leave the lobby before it is full, they will be refunded any Credits already deposited. However if you happen to leave a split second after the lobby is full, unfortunately you will be forfeiting your Credits as the game has started.

The game mode will determine how much you will earn if you win the match. For example Battle Royal matches are 1 v 99, so when a player wins the game they will earn 70% of the entire pot. If each player in this example deposits $1 in Credits to play, the player will receive $70 in Credits for winning that game providing a 7,000% increase from just $1 in Credits.

However, in a team centric competitive game the entire team will evenly split the reward pool. For example on a team of 4 vs 96 there are 100 total players if each game cost $1 in Credits that would provide a pot total of $100 in Credits or $17.50 in Credits per player that won the game providing a 1,750% profit.

At the launch of Cosmic Dynasty, we plan on having at least three playable game modes consisting of Battle Royal, Team Death Match, and Headquarters with more to be added in the future such as 1 v 1 and other modes.

The name Centauri was inspired by our closest stars and exoplanets system called Alpha Centauri. Believed to be the home of planets just like earth orbiting another star in perfect order with nature and able to sustain life. Credit Standard, is something we believe to be the common term for any intergalactic currency. Tokens, coins, and dollars all seem to be washed out and lacking substance when it comes to trade.

This is how the name Centauri Credit Standard (CCS) or Credits for short was chosen to be our token name. Credits are widely used throughout the game and can be mined, earned, staked, transferred and traded.

Token Overview

  • Name: Centauri Credit Standard
  • Symbol: CCS
  • Short Name: Credits
  • Decimals: 2
  • Initial Supply: 1,000,000 Credits
  • Total Supply: Not Fixed
  • Initial Price: $1
  • Mining: 40%
  • Team: 10%
  • Exchange: 50%

Tokens minted after 1,000,000 Credits will only be made available from mining the land, defending against alien invasions, or staking.

Team funding is completely subject to the success of the NFT land sales of the first planet Mars. If there proves to be a desire and interest to own a piece of Mars in the metaverse while playing as your own metahuman in Cosmic Dynasty. Then the team will be able to raise 9,900 Solana. The center 100 land NFT tiles will be crafted by the team to showcase what is possible within the game, as well as providing a central hub for players to visit and travel.

With the money raised we will be able to complete the development of the competitive game modes, initial costs for servers, hosting & storage, in-house developers, 3D animation artists, 3D asset designers, and more that will be needed to push this game to the masses.

In addition to set-up costs and expenses there will also be on-going expenses such as maintenance, improving the game, verifying uploaded 3D assets, providing support, and marketing the game. As such a royalty on all transactions of 10% will be applied to the NFTs within our collection. These funds will be publicly visible and at any time the project needs these funds an announcement will be made regarding the amount and the purpose.

The Founders

Shane Elmer

Shane, at 28 years old has extensive experience in blockchain, development, and market trends. Has worked with various start-ups and knows what it takes for projects to get a footing early on. He has invested in various blockchain start-ups and was an early investor in Ethereum. From his experience with building various projects in the past to his current set of tools, Shane has proven to be a great candidate for getting this project completed.

Amir Jawhary

Amir, at 29 years old has taken part in the successful launch of multiple projects both on and off of the blockchain. Proving to be a key component with skills in management, strategy implementation and creating strategic partnerships. Amir was an early investor in XRP as well as several other start-ups since 2016. Through his vision and entrepreneurial skills, he is able to help any project reach new heights.




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