Upon further discussions, credits have been taken care of and a plan has been set to address the concerns aggressively. Andrew (Founder of Firebase) and his team have been very proactive and has posted his comment on the situation in the bottom of the page.
Firebase Costs Increased by 7,000%!

Reacting to a neglected customer complaint that has been repeatedly escalated to technical support only after it was posted on a public blog is the exact opposite of a vendor being “proactive”.

I hope readers (and Firebase representatives) will take this next analogy with the humorous tone intended:

Reacting to this blog article is like United Airlines improving their overbooked passenger handling policy only after a violent mishandling video went viral.

Since the past can’t be changed (except - I believe that Firebase should qucikly and proactively offer refunds to all affected Customers, not just bloggers)… I too am happy to see leadership responding decisively and positively to this unfortunately situation.