How love dies(2)

Him: you like me?? Oh you like me?? All you have seen of me is my face! I know i am hot, but am a hot piece of shit! I do not fit your compassionate philanthropist humanitarian profile. I love my couch, and pizza. One day am gonna be known as fat Joe! I will be 300 pounds and can’t tie my shoes, and enjoy yelling at kids in the street from my window, i most definetly will smell bad, i already do, i fart like there is no tomorrow.

And don’t get me started on my lazy days, weeks, f*ck it months even! i will get so lazy sometimes that i would pay someone to do the breathing for me. And I! couldn’t give less of a shit of girls like you, the high maintenance high achiever who is gonna make me feel like an insignificant bug lurking inside her house because i wouldn’t join her playing f*cking real life tomb raider save the world edition…

One last thing: i am his mama’s boy, still hot?

Her: wow!

Him: thoughts?

Her:not much.

Him: f*ck you, you are already doing it, i love it when i f*cking see the future, am already too small for you.

Her: isn’t it ironic though?

Him: no! But am willing to reconsider!

Her: It is you who is pretending to know who i am when all you have seen of me is my face, it’s you who is already shaming my life, calling me high maintenance because the supposed me won’t join imaginary you eating pizza and farting all day! You are doing it now, all that you are accusing me of doing in the future. Can you see the present as clear as you see the future?

Her : is this how we met ?

Him : yeah…i thought it was dope

Her : me too.

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