How love dies (4)

He was trying to talk to her, but their conversations became shorter and shorter, she was not willing to dig anything out, she gave up on him, on them.

He was still determined to know how could it even happen ? He was onto something but her lack of interest made him feel that all is in vain.

He remembers how they met arguing about appearances and misconceptions, how cold she seemed to him until he saw her watching the TV in her tiny appartement; she was the most joyful thing he has ever seen.

All he wants to know now are two things:

How did he end up not caring for her, and how did it all come back to him now, all the feelings, the desires for her?

Yeah and a third: who is she when she is hurt? She is so unforgiving!

He started watching their photos on his phone, trying to see when their love disapeared from their faces, may be he should start there.

The same night at the same time, she was not trying to do all those things: finding out, disvovery…

She was not even having flashbacks, she was comfy, in bed watching TV, laughing…again.

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