How love dies(1)

Him: how could you leave me? You know what? I always felt like you were not sure of me, if i fit your life.

Her: i did not leave you, i asked you clearly if you wanted out, and you said word by word (yes, i can’t do this).

Him: i needed sometime to process things, what kind of partner are you if all you have to offer is a way out?

Her: you took it, Joseph.

Him: it felt right at the moment, i felt like i don’t want to be with you, it didn’t last though, i missed you.

Her: i missed you too.

Him: can we fix this?

Her: i don’t want this anymore.

Him: is it permanent?

Her(smiling): i don’t know.

Him: are you willing to give it time?

Her: no not really. Even if i miss you afterwards am gonna kill that feeling and keep moving.

Him: i might become the thing you regret losing the most when you are old and wrinkly.

Her: i do not see you the same way, you are not joseph who i crossed europ with in laughter, you are lazy selfish joe, who made my life harder, and left me when i needed him.

Him: Do you still love Joseph?

Her (nostalgic): yeah, that’s my love. I lost him somewhere, it frightens me to think he never existed.

Him: he did, he does. I do not perceive you the same way too.

Her: you flipped the minute we had sex, it was not that bad was it?

Him: no actaully it was amazing.

Her: what happened?

Him: i shall find out. I know you won’t give me time now, since you are busy and am just the asshole, but am gonna shift your preception again.

He got up from where he was laying next to her on her front lawn. The way he left felt like he was up to something. She watched him get into his car and waved back at him as he drove away.

She walked inside her house, grabbed some popcorn and turned on the TV, this is it: comfort, her spot, the ease of existing, why give this up for the Joe experience that made her feel unwanted, unattractive and exhausted.

Her: i can’t do this again Joe.

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