[2018 Korea Blockchain Expo] CEO Howon Song’s Keynote Speech

Photo by Hyuk Choi (The Korea Economic Daily, chokob@hankyung.com)

As a speaker at ‘2018 Korea Blockchain Expo’ held at the Grand Hilton Seoul Convention Center, CEO Howon Song introduced the momentum of Cosmochain’s growth as follows.

CEO Song said, “COSMEE’s strategy to incentivize users with the average of 15,000–30,000 KRW increases the number of users steadily. As a result, COSMEE is ranked in top 10 under the beauty category of Google Play Store.”

Cosmochain considers various ways to provide cosmetics companies with data regarding customer’s interactions through up/downvoting. Furthermore, although it is not available at this point, COSMEE will possibly have a marketplace feature allowing a direct channel to sell products. Cosmochain will be able to provide useful and meaningful data, especially to mid and small-sized beauty brands.

Cosmochain plans to include COSMEE as a preinstalled app inside smartphones. CEO Song said, “Cosmochain is discussing with multinational electronics companies to include COSMEE as a preinstalled smartphone app. With several companies, Cosmochain will sign a partnership and then expand the market further.”

— by Jinwoo Yoon (The Korea Economic Daily, jiinwoo@hankyung.com)

Original Article: http://news.hankyung.com/article/201810236864g

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