Along with Phased Blockchain investment, ‘Venture Capital’ interest goes up

[Potential of digital asset] ④ Cosmochain, BORA, etc. attracts investment

Compared to global trend, the investment of domestic venture capitals’ investment in blockchain and cryptocurrency is rather insignificant, but the number of cases of cryptofund investment or equity investment around venture capital is slowly growing.

Global investing companies mainly invest on blockchain and cryptocurrency companies through cryptofund. Cryptofund is a representative fund that invests on cryptocurrency, which is usually operated by at the same time blockchain accelerator and investing company, or blockchain specialized venture capitals.

In Korea, generally a corporation invest its own capital on digital assets(cryptocurrency). As for representative venture capitals, there are Kako Investment, Neoply, TheVentures, FoundationX, Dunamupartners.

Kakao investment has invested on COSM, the token of Cosmochain, the beauty blockchain project. Neoly has invested as a form of token or stock on DEXEOS, the EOS based decentralized exchange, TTC, a blockchain based SNS protocol, Sentinal Protocol, a blockchain based security platform, Terra, a blockchain based payment system. FoundationX also invested on several blockchain companies such as LYZE, Rayon, ICE Protocol, Temco, Spinprotocol etc.

There are growing number of cases in which startups that are processing a project step by step receives funding as a form of series A, series B, series C after the seed investment.

Cosmochain has gaining more investment from venture capitals. Cosmochain has attracted investment from cryptofund after the launch of ‘COSMEE.’ Kakao, Signum Capital, BlockWater Capital, GBIC are the venture capitals. Blockchain contents platform ‘Fiction’ has attracted around 10 billion KRW for the past 5 years for the project development from IMM investment, SmileGate Investment, KTB Network, Union Investment, IBK, Angang Venture Investment.

There are more and more foreign venture capital looking for Korean startups. A member of blockchain startup said that “Famous foreign IT companies that we could not dreamed of are now interested in investing, and I feel that Korean companies and human resources are being appreciated and that the market is being matured.”

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