[CEO Report] Cosmochain CEO Howon Song “ Practical blockchain to become “ next Instagram”

“ COSMEE is a sole DApp currently servicing in South Korea. We aim to service next youtube/instagram on top of servicing tangible blockchain project.

Cosmochain, known for Kakao Investment’s investee, is smoothly growing with the launch of COSMEE. Which strategy and direction COSMEE is headed to?

CEO Howon Song explained the origin of COSMEE is HuiSeoul, another service of Song in China to import Korean makeups for Chinese customers. HuiSeoul not only visits first-hand to customers but also built customized data for customers with CS and counseling.

“I figured out all beauty data we accumulated in Huiseoul could be applicable to diverse areas.” mentioned Cosmochain CEO, “ After building data applicable to sales, development, merchandising, marketing and logistics, demands of them would naturally grow.”

This idea has been materialized with coworking with blockchain /vc accelerator “HASHED”. On top of it, Kakao Investment made the launch of COSMEE available. COSMEE is planning to participate in Kakao’s blockchain platform as the very first DAPP in Kakao platform “Klayton”.

“ If you ask me Cosmochain is the only project workable in Kakao’s beauty in blockchain platfom, I will say yes.” stressed Mr. Song. “While most beauty startups make ends meet with the use of branding, we stood out by creating profit through blockchain platform.”

Currently COSMEE recorded thousands of daily new subscribers. On a daily basis there is an influx of new 300 subscribers, the number of posts in total was 1,588 and comments amounted to 10,930. Cosmo coin(COSM), its native token is rewarded as a compensation for activities inside COSMEE such as sharing, comments and upvotes.

Cosmochain is also planned to recruit her own beauty contents creator for COSMEE’s maturity. 10 to 20 creators will be participating for its training project for COSMEE.

Contents creators existent before were specialized in commercials or sponsors , our beauty creators are planned to be authentic with professional training, mentioned Mr. Song.” practical beauty tips of skincare and makeup methods would be shared.”

He also stressed the necessity of global expansion of the project. But currently the method of next move is under discussion within Cosmochain team.

“ One way would be service COSMEE with translation, the other is to apply COSMEE token system in the target country’s beauty platform,which I see it more scalable.”

— by Soyeong Park (Money Today News, cat@mtn.co.kr)

Original Article: http://news.mtn.co.kr/v/2018100114560168839

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