COSMEE, a blockchain based Beauty information sharing platform, hit 1,000 new daily subscribers

19 times growth in posts, 45 times in comments, and 33 times in upvotes.

In the midst of blockchain industry’s interests in “Ultimate DApp”, which will drive the popular use of blockchain, a well-performing DApp gained attention from South Korea. It’s COSMEE, an Ethereum based beauty information sharing platform.

In 20th of September, COSMEE revealed the number of daily subscribers, in 18th of September, hit 1,000. Over the last past month since the launch of the DApp, daily average subscriber numbered about 300. Even though total number of subscribers is lagging behind for other popular applications, the growth of new daily subscribers is standing out.

The most notable part of COSMEE is subscribers’ active participation in creating contents. At the first day of launch, 83 posts and 239 comments were uploaded. After 28 days of the launch, 18th of September’s daily posts numbered 1,588 and comments amounted to 10,930. Upvotes for recommendation for quality posts increased from 628 to 21,349. All components increased : daily posts by 19 times, comments by 45 times, and upvotes by 33 times.

Nevertheless, COSMEE is a DApp yet to completion. COSMEE’s transaction is not yet recorded in Ethereum block. Currently Cosmochain is limitedly utilizing Ethereum platform for circulation/ drawing out its native token, COSM for compensation to quality posts. COSMEE explained “ current COSMEE service isn’t hard launched yet and figuring out ways to fully utilize the blockchain technology other than token.”

COSMEE gained its attention primarily for Kakao Investment’s first investee. Plus, in 14th of September, it attracted interests of the industry for its cooperation with ICON , a South Korea representing blockchain protocol project.

Cosmochain is designing a blockchain-based beauty ecosystem that connects beauty industry players with customers willing to share their thoughts on cosmetics

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