Cosmochain Announces COSM Token Buyback Program for Ecosystem Activation

Aug 28, 2018 · Unlisted

Cosmochain announced on August 28th that it will initiate a Token Buyback Program starting from early September for the purpose of Ecosystem activation. The tokens obtained via buyback is to be utilized in signing partnership and MOU with Korean and international cosmetics company. Moreover, it will be utilized to reward beauty contents creator, as part of the COSMEE beauty contents creator business.

According to the announced plan, the total buyback of COSM will be equivalent to 2,250 ETH. The program will begin sometime between September 3 and 7 with the end date to be determined. The price of buyback will be announced 24 hours before the program begins. As for the method, buyback will be executed directly through exchanges including CPDAX, CoinBene, and HitBTC, regardless of trading pair. Further announcements regarding remaining tokens will be made after the 1st buyback executed on September 3rd — 7th.

*Please refer to the attached table below for exact details regarding buyback period and quantity.

코스모체인은 9월 초에 Token Buyback Program을 시행하겠다고 8월28일 공식 발표했다. 이번 Buyback Program은 COSMEE를 비롯한 코스모체인의 사업의 보다 Solid한 진행을 위한 Partnership 체결, Beauty Creator 육성 등 Ecosystem Activation에 활용될 예정이다.

발표된 Token Buyback 계획에 따르면, Buyback Program 을 통해 확보할 총 COSM 물량은 2,250 ETH 상당이며 잔여 토큰은 1차 Buyback 직후 공지될 예정이다. 시작일은 9월 3일에서 7일 사이이며 종료일은 토큰 필요 소요에 따라 유동적으로 조정될 전망이다. Buyback 가격은 Program 시행 24시간 전에 공지 되며, Trading Pair와 무관하게 CPDAX, CoinBene, 및 HitBTC 거래소를 통한 직접 Buyback 형식으로 진행 될 계획이다.

*Buyback 시점 및 수량 등 보다 자세한 내용은 하단의 이미지 참고



Cosmochain is designing a blockchain-based beauty ecosystem that connects beauty industry players with customers willing to share their thoughts on cosmetics

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