Cosmochain attracted follow-on investment from BCC, “Blockchain-based beauty community has possibilities of various business development”

Cosmochain, a blockchain-based beauty social platform project, announced that it attracted follow-on investment from a crypto fund, Block Crafters Capital (BCC) on November 7th.

Earlier, BCC participated in Cosmochain’s ICO. This follow-on investment after the end of ICO will be made by purchasing COSMs in the supply at a market price. Cosmochain already attracted investments from well-known Korean and global institutional investors such as BlockWater Capital and Signum Capital last week in the same way.

Cosmochain provides a blockchain-based social DApp service called ‘COSMEE.’ If users participate in the platform by posting reviews, they will be rewarded with COSM depending on the level of participation. Users who contribute to contents evaluation through commenting and up/downvoting can also receive tokens as rewards. The pilot version of COSMEE was launched at the end of August. Surprisingly, within the first month of launch, it has reached 1,000 daily new users.

As for the investment, Hyun-sik Choi, a partner of BCC, explained the background of the investment as follows;

The interest in projects that are being commercialized in the real world has been growing. We have noticed that Cosmochain successfully launched a service with a unique identity as a beauty SNS platform. Especially, COSMEE is the most promising project due to its business potential to expand in various fields such as cosmetics company solution program by establishing a community with good quality contents and accumulating user database. Furthermore, Cosmochain has shown outstanding business developments among global token projects, not to mention BCC’s investment portfolio.

Meanwhile, BCC, which invested in Cosmochain, not only invests in blockchain-based projects but also carries on various blockchain-related businesses. For instance, it has Soso Media Lab which provides a project marketing and consulting service. In addition to marketing strategies, Soso Media Lab also supports video content production services that can be used in practice.

— by Hankyung News Team (The Korean Economic Daily,

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Cosmochain is designing a blockchain-based beauty ecosystem that connects beauty industry players with customers willing to share their thoughts on cosmetics

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