Cosmochain, “Beauty Steemit”, offshore expansion after pilot stage

[Interview with Cosmochain CEO Howon Song]

It’s still hard to name practical blockchain projects that are used in the real life. Still one blockchain project is gaining attention for its tangible blockchain service, which is Cosmochain.

Cosmochain, known for Kakao Investment’s first Investee released beauty SNS, COSMEE.

To make it short, COSMEE is a “beauty Steemit”, already having achieved a performance of hitting DAU up to 7000 and daily new users amounted to more than 3000. As Steem rewards contents creators, curators, COSMEE rewards participants with its native token COSM.

CEO Song started the project based on HuiSeoul, another service project of his, servicing K-beauty cosmetic products exclusively to Chinese customers.

His commitment was firm to make COSMEE beyond beauty Steemit to Beauty Instagram. What COSMEE can make herself stand out is its reward policy, which would make the project keep the positive momentum.

“ When you google “gourmet restaurant”, what you get is not what you wanted but all sponsored ads. Genuine contents creation is the necessary condition for good SNS projects as users can discern which is fake or not” added Mr. Song, “ well framed reward policy leads to quality contents platform. Good contents can incentivise user participation and make a “virtuous cycle”.

As Mr. Song mentioned, COSMEE provides more rewards than other DApps. we witnessed some users who mined $1000 equivalent COSM already ,while it’s been only 7 weeks since the pilot launch.

To make rewarded token’s value appreciate, the increase of user is a necessity. COSMEE targets its DAU hit over 50,000, which means to make the project upscale outside of South Korea as well.

CEO Song revealed “ COSMEE is considering its offshore expansion in two-folds, the first is to keep the service but in different languages , the other is to let users use tokens on the same platform but in different Dapps, which will be decided after the completion of pilot launch to be due in coming late November.

Cosmochain’s pilot service is aimed at completing COSMEE’s governance and reward policy. Along the project, Cosmochain si training beauty creators and will cowork with more than 50 influencers . The hard launch of the application is planned to be on the early next year.

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Cosmochain is designing a blockchain-based beauty ecosystem that connects beauty industry players with customers willing to share their thoughts on cosmetics

Cosmochain is designing a blockchain-based beauty ecosystem that connects beauty industry players with customers willing to share their thoughts on cosmetics