Cosmochain, entered into DApp partnership with ICON

Beauty community DApp service provider, Cosmochain and ICON, the blockchain platform is on the final stage of MOU enforcement.

Cosmochain signed a partnership to build its DApp, COSMEE on ICON platform in the last May. Following the partnership, ICON lately has been discussing the plan to secure large scale of COSM using its coin, ICX for the seamless technical partnership. Cosmochain revealed that the amounts of COSM purchased will be equivalent to thousands of ETH.

Both ICON and Cosmochain are the project given partnership and investment each by LINE and Kakao Corps. ICON, co-working with LINE, the Japanese flagship messenger found Unchain with collaborated technical development. Cosmochain also got the attention from VC investors as the first investee by Kakao Corps, the South Korean messenger service provider.

Cosmochain implied the chance of itself as “Kakao Beauty”, joining to Kakao blockchain project under Ground X, Kakao’s subsidiary for blockchain.

“The partnership with major IT corporations was possible after launching the real-life blockchain service” revealed a Cosmochain staff “From now on, we will focus on COSMEE service’s advancement since COSMEE is at its pilot stage.”

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