Cryptos in Real-Life are Regarded to be More Valuable than Other Cryptos

Moss Coin, soaring up because of its virtual property auction game…

Cosmo Coin, showing an uptrend as contents of beauty SNS are getting positive responses…

LINE, starting its ‘$5 Guarantee Policy’ to activate LINK’s usage…

Cosmochain’s blockchain-based beauty SNS, ‘COSMEE’

Cryptocurrencies that can be used in daily life such as games or SNS are on the rise recently. Given that the value of cryptocurrency only used for the purpose of the investment is steady, it has been proven that it is more valuable and promising if cryptocurrency has a practical usage.

Especially, as the number of services using blockchain technology is increasing since the second half of this year and various real-life cryptocurrencies are expected to be released by the first half of next year, the competition among cryptocurrencies will be tenser and tenser.

On October 21st, according to the blockchain industry, the price of Moss Coin is on the rise upon starting the virtual property auction of Mossland. It was traded at around 40 KRW, but surged above 80 KRW as the auction started. The trading volume also increased greatly.

Moss Coin surged as soon as the auction for properties in the virtual world started

Many users purchased Moss Coin in order to participate in auctions to get virtual global landmarks such as Gwanghwamun, Osaka Castle, and the Empire State Building, which will be used in Mossland game next year.

Auctions are scheduled three times a week. Every time, new virtual properties will be offered for sale. Every participant in the auction will be rewarded with Moss Coin depending on the participation, leading to the active auction with more participants.

The current price of Moss Coin is stabilized around 75 KRW; however, it is expected to surge largely as other services will become available along with the official launch of the game.

Cosmo Coin’s price shows an upward trend upon the launch of COSMEE app

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Cosmochain, well known as the first blockchain project invested by Kakao, launched beauty SNS service ‘COSMEE.’ Accordingly, the value of Cosmochain’s cryptocurrency, ‘Cosmo Coin,’ surged. COSMEE’s pilot version was launched on last August and the price of Cosmo Coin went up.

Cosmo Coin was traded at around 30 KRW in the late August, but it was traded at around 50 KRW on September. Especially, it was a severe bear market where most of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum fell notably in their value on September. However, Cosmo Coin caught the public attention by showing an upward trend regardless of its bear market condition.

Although the price has a downward trend now, Cosmochain plans to enhance the quality of beauty contents and to fully utilize COSMEE app by opening a professional studio to train beauty influencers. Cosmo Coin’s value is expected to be reevaluated after the official launch of COSMEE service in the future.

LINE sets the minimum price of LINK to let more users use cryptocurrency

Naver’s Japanese subsidiary, LINE, started an experimental policy called ‘Minimum Price Guarantee Policy’ for the better utilization of its cryptocurrency ‘LINK.’ Regardless of the price traded on exchanges, it guarantees that 1 LINK is equivalent to $5. In other words, users can use paid-services with a value of $5 for 1 LINK in the blockchain-based services which LINE offers.

If the price of 1 LINK goes below 5 dollars, LINK users are more likely to use LINK within LINE’s services than trade on exchanges. This policy that guarantees the minimum price aims to fully utilize LINK rather than just be used for the purpose of investment.

An expert in the field said, “from the second half of this year, it has been proved that cryptocurrency can be used in real-life such as games or SNS, and therefore the value of cryptocurrency.”

“As many blockchain projects announced their plan to release services next year, it becomes more important to issue cryptocurrencies useful in real-life rather than just to suggest a promising vision”, he added.

— by Jun Heo (The financial news,

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