In the middle of K-beauty, Cosmochain is trending as a beauty blockchain project

If you want to read real, authentic reviews that are not sponsored by cosmetic companies or want to be a beauty influencer famous for authentic beauty reviews, go to COSMEE. COSMEE enables both.

Korea’s beauty industry is well-known globally, as a new word “K-beauty” was formed. Here is a Korean beauty blockchain project that follows this trend: Cosmochain. Cosmochain launched COSMEE, a blockchain-based beauty SNS. Cosmochain is the very first blockchain project that was invested by Kakao Investment. Let’s explore Cosmochain closely.

Cosmochain is a blockchain that links everyone who uses cosmetics. Also, it connects cosmetic companies and consumers through COSMEE.

COSMEE is a blockchain-based app where users can share their cosmetic reviews. While COSMEE is at its pilot stage currently, the average number of daily new subscribers is around 1,000. COSMEE is easy to use. You can upload your reviews with photos and video clips along with hashtags. The uploaded reviews can be up/downvoted. You can also up/downvote other reviews, too. The number of upvoting decides the amount of reward, Cosmo Power.

Cosmo Power can be used to buy cosmetic products within COSMEE’s marketplace or can be swapped to Cosmochain’s token, COSM, after a certain period of time. Some users even said that they “mine” COSM through participating in COSMEE.

COSM, a token issued by Cosmochain, is currently listed on CPDAX, Coinrail, KuCoin, CoinBene, Fone, HitBTC, UEX, IDEX, and TokenJar.

I was also one of the users for COSMEE.

What was intriguing was its reward system. Through any other channels, there was nothing really given to me after writing a review, but COSMEE was different, which really made me go extra miles in writing more reviews.

On top of that, one of the best parts of the DApp was its sincerity rather than ready-made one by cosmetic producers. On COSMEE, you can see they are a lot different from previous channels where are full of commercials of the cosmetics products.

Plus, COSMEE gives users more chances for them to stand out because there is not really room for beauty influencers from Instagram and Youtube to preoccupy its influence as the DApp is a new SNS. In this context, actually, COSMEE is soon to launch their project to train next-generation beauty influencers and already completed renovation of their office to a studio.

But, there are also weak parts.

First, it still didn’t include category feature. All kinds of products are in a single category, which makes it hard to browse. While they have hashtag feature, it is not enough. As the single post can have up to 5 hashtags, you cannot really find a product you want to check out.

A limitation is also there in the expertise of information. Apps already in the market provide with professional and specialized service of product analysis, weekly beauty products ranking and so forth. While COSMEE doesn’t really have another feature except sharing the review of the product. I wonder how much it will look like when COSMEE makes its hard launch soon.

COSMEE, which is used in real-life at the moment. Stashing Cosmo Power pushed me to write more reviews in COSMEE. And one thought was coming that “ Maybe I could be a beauty creator”. I carefully expect the DApp to be much better after the hard launch.

This week’s new Coin was Cosmochain. See you next week with a much more interesting one.

— by Serye Jung, Blockchain News

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Cosmochain is designing a blockchain-based beauty ecosystem that connects beauty industry players with customers willing to share their thoughts on cosmetics

Cosmochain is designing a blockchain-based beauty ecosystem that connects beauty industry players with customers willing to share their thoughts on cosmetics