Kakao ‘Klaytn’ expands to 30+ partners… ‘Bapp, instead of Dapp’

3 min readDec 3, 2018


The number of partners which are utilizing Klaytn’s test-net ‘Aspen’ to develop blockchain-based services have increased from 9 to 30+. This partnership expansion is known to include many influential projects already well in the process of business, such as Terra, etc.

Kakao suggested the term Bapp (Blockchain application) to replace Dapp (Decentralized application), which is commonly used in the industry to refer to blockchain-based services. They proposed that blockchain-based services do not necessarily have to be decentralized.

According to industry news on the 27th, Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary GroundX massively expanded partners which participates in test-net of its blockchain platform ‘Klaytn’, currently under development. Originally, there were 9 partners including Wemadetree, Cosmochain, Piction Network, Hintchain, Humanscape, etc., but it expanded to 30 + partners. Blockchain-based payment project ‘Terra’, which is led by TMON chairman Daniel Shin, has also participated as a partner.

■ Expansion to include 30+ test-net partners… “A company that everyone would know is also participating”

A Kakao official declared that “number of partners currently participating in the test-net increased to 30, and we will reveal the partners through 2nd and 3rd rounds of disclosure, in addition to the partners that we have already disclosed.” He also highlighted that “among the additional partners are some companies that are currently running the business actively and that everyone knows.”

There are especially a lot of interests regarding whether one of the partners to be disclosed would have participated in Kakao’s private sale. Kakao is currently undergoing a private sale for cryptocurrency ‘Klay’, in order to secure reliable partners to operate its blockchain platform ‘Klaytn’.

Kakao is planning to advance Klaytn with selected partners by the end of this year. From next year, Kakao is planning to disclose the test-net for public use. Once the test finishes, the main-net will be released. Launch of the main-net is scheduled for first quarter of next year.

Kakao is currently offering 3 services on the test-net. ‘BLASQ’ service, in which developers can share opinions, a wallet service, and ‘SCOPE’ service, where Klaytn’s performance could be examined.

■ Proposal of new concept ‘Bapp’, to replace ‘Dapp’

In addition, Kakao has partially abandoned decentralization and is in an attempt to find the right balance between decentralization and centralization, in order to discover a popular blockchain-based service. Klaytn will also be of a consortium network, in which partners will be responsible for generation and confirmation of blocks, rather than a public network where anyone can generate and confirm blocks.

Along this line, Kakao proposed the concept of ‘Bapp’, instead of ‘Dapp’.

This term highlights that blockchain-based service does not necessarily haveto be decentralized. Kakao explained that it is possible to build a blockchain service even if the value of decentralization is partially compromised.

Jong-gun Lee, the director of Ground X, said that “Using our know-how regarding mass user-based service, which we acquired through Kakao service, we are improving interface, etc. so that users of Bapp will not awkward.” He also emphasized that Kakao will “develop a successful example of blockchain utilization by focusing on the users and service.”

— by Joon Heo( jjoony@fnnews.com L)

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