Kakao Will Launch a Blockchain Platform ‘Klaytn’ Next Month…The First Partner is ‘Cosmochain’

Releasing the test net next month and the main net in the first quarter next year.

Providing a blockchain-based beauty service with the first partner, Cosmochain.

Aiming to bring out the strength of public blockchain along with the private performance quality.

Planning to improve the quality consistently in order to make a large-scaled service possible.

Trying to find a service partner for each category.

[Seoul Economic Daily Decenter] Kakao will launch the test net of Klaytn, a public blockchain platform, next month. The main net will be published in the first quarter next year.

On September 4th, according to experts in the field, Ground X, Kakao’s affiliated blockchain company, developed Klaytn, a Service Oriented Enterprise Grade Public Blockchain Platform, and plans to release it to the public soon. This platform uses a token called KLAY. In addition, Ground X will proceed the project with Cosmochain as the first partner of Klaytn.

Ground X designed Klaytn in a way that is the easiest for both general users and developers to use blockchain service. Keeping the performance characteristics of private blockchain, Klaytn aims to maintain both transparency and reliability of public blockchain. For service providers who have a large number of users, it also tries to equip itself with a reliable working environment for services. For this, it plans to improve its performance for each core gradually.

Cosmochain, which runs ‘COSMEE,’ a blockchain-based beauty community DApp service, seems to be the first service provider of Klaytn. For this, Ground X and Cosmochain signed a partnership. Currently, Ground X is in the process of signing partnerships with various companies. Among them, Cosmochain will be in charge of providing a blockchain service under the beauty category.

In consideration of the recent announcement about Kakao Investment’s investment in Cosmochain, experts predict that COSMEE will be introduced as ‘Kakao Beauty’ service later in collaboration with Kakao. Additionally, through this partnership, COSMEE is open to collaborating with exchanges which are in the strategic relationship with Ground X.

— By Jaeyeon Won (Seoul Economic Daily)

Original Article: http://decenter.kr/NewsView/1S4I81MQBT/GZ02

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