“Reverse & Service” are the driving forces of blockchain projects that attract investments continuously even after its ICO

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After successfully completing ICO, several blockchain projects have appeared to attract additional investments from venture capitals. The main similarity among these projects is ‘reverse ICO,’ in which blockchain technology is applied to existing projects. Investors are also attracted to projects that have actually released blockchain-based services or will release soon, resolving the problem of uncertainties.

Although the failure rate of ICO is more than 50%, promising projects with high potential use ‘reverse ICO’ and ‘pre-launch and post-investment’ strategies as new ways to attract investments considering that investors are eager to invest even after ICO.

Cosmochain, ZIKTO, and Humanscape attracted additional investments.

Cosmochain, a project that launched blockchain-based beauty service ‘COSMEE’, announced that it attracted additional investment from global crypto funds on November 4th. After ICO, Cosmochain has caught the attention of investors beacause it launched real service (COSMEE).

Crypto funds that recently invested in Cosmochain are BlockWater Capital and Signum Capital. Especially, Signum Capital decided to make follow-on investment in Cosmochain since it has demonstrated its potential in the business development after ICO.

BlockWater Capital also decided to make investment, appreciating the fact that Cosmochain provides a tangible blockchain-based service such as ‘COSMEE.’ Sang-soo Cho, the CEO of BlockWater Capital, explained the reason for the investment as follows; “Unlike other projects, Cosmochain has shown outstanding results in terms of establishing a business revenue model and securing users of service. Therefore, we decided to make investment in Cosmochain.”

In addiiton to Cosmochain, ‘Insureum,’ a blockchain-based insurance platform project, ‘Humanscape,’ a patient information management platform project, and ‘Carry Protocol,’ a project connecting offline stores and consumers, are the major projects that attracted additional investments after their ICOs.

Bdeside ICO, JIKTO, a startup leading Insureum project, secured 500 million won from The Wells Investment. Humanscape secured 3.5 billion won from CareLabs which is listed on the KOSDAQ in the healthcare sector and private equity fund. Lastly, Carry Protocol was invested by ‘Bluehill,’ a venture capital under IOST foundation.

For reverse ICO, availability of actual service is the main key for attracting additional investments.

Another similarity is that only reverse ICO projects where businesses were already underway and the actual service launch is imminent.

Trillionaire, leading Cosmochain Project, operates ‘Huiseoul’ service, exporting Korean cosmetics to China. Based on experiences accumulated through Huiseoul, it launched a blockchain-based beauty SNS service.

Cosmochain launched a blockchain-based beauty SNS service ‘COSMEE’ in August, which recorded the highest Daily Active Users among Ethereum based services within two months of launch.

Humanscape is a company that develops and operates ‘Helen’, a mobile customer management solution for small hospitals and clinics. Based on this business experience, it prepared a blockchain-based patient management platform called ‘Humanscape.’ Carry protocol is led by Spoka, which operates a membership service ‘Dodo Point’ with about 10,000 affiliated stores and 15 million cumulative members nationwide.

JIKTO collected step data of customers through wearable devices and related the data to insurance products. It also released ‘JIKTO Walk’ service actually. JIKTO announced its plan to launch a blockchain-based insurance product in collaboraion with insurance companies.

An expert in the field said, “the ability to attract additional investments after ICO is the evidence that the developmet is underway in accordance with the schedule on the white paper, even after securing funds through ICO. Most of companies that secured extra investments are reverse ICO projects, and they already have services for acutal use, or are about to launch.”

— by Jun Heo (The financial news, jjoony@fnnews.com)

Original Article: http://www.fnnews.com/news/201811041110463331

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