The importance of community in the blockchain industry is never underestimated or understated. With decentralized systems comes the decentralization of power and subsequently the distribution of the participation of the community. Because it is the community that drives the blockchain.

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Cosmos India is a non-profit, voluntary, community-driven initiative started by Tushar Aggarwal, Hitesh Bhardwaj, Deepanshu Tripathi, Abhitej Singh, and Mayur Relekar representing different projects in the Indian blockchain ecosystem. It has grown leaps and bounds from its initiation with multiple stakeholders and contributors such as industry professionals, students, policymakers, and enterprises as a part of the Cosmos India ecosystem.

As we approach the six (6) month mark from its inception, we take a moment to look back at the progress and achievements the community has achieved so far. …

India is at a nascent yet promising stage, considering nations which are enthusiastic about blockchain.

A large number of use cases and POCs (Proof Of Concepts) are emerging across different industries in India.

In India, RBI(Reserve Bank of India) had released a circular in 2018 through which the regulator barred all RBI entities like banks and other institutions to deal with cryptocurrency but haven’t banned cryptocurrency.

Despite all odds, the country is convinced with the disruptive power of blockchain. The year 2019 has witnessed some great endeavours by India in adopting this decentralised technology.

Different Industries adopting Blockchain In India

Almost 50% of the states in India are involved in Blockchain adoption. …

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  • The developer community in India comprises of more than 7 million developers.
  • According to a study by Indeed, blockchain jobs have increased by 290% since 2017 and is still growing at an exponential rate.
  • India has launched its biggest blockchain project called “Indiachain” to be implemented in overall governance.

India being one of the most populous countries in the world also harbours a huge community of 7 million developers.

According to Dappros, a London based consulting firm, India has the second largest number of blockchain developers in the world after the USA.

Cosmos India’s Meetup in Bangalore

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Cosmos India, recently hosted a meetup in Bangalore, on February 2nd, 2020. The meetup took place at Innov8 co-working space, located in the heart of the city at Koramangala. This was the second meetup organised by Cosmos India in association with Inblox network.

This meetup revolved around discussions on — “Why do we need blockchain?”. The speakers during this event have built a perfect case on — how blockchain is a foundational technology and how can its power be used to create new technologies and can be applied across multiple industries.

More than 50 members from the community participated in the three hour event. …

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यह समुदाय खर्च का प्रस्ताव (community spend proposal) Gavin Birch ( द्वारा प्रस्तुत किया जा रहा हैं, Figment Networks की ओर से (, जो staking explorer Hubble ( के एक validator operator और creator हैं।

हमारा प्रस्ताव community pool से 5250 ATOM खर्च करने का हैं। यह प्रस्ताव पारित होने पर तुरंत 5250 ATOMs इस address पर स्थानांतरित होगी: cosmos1hjct6q7npsspsg3dgvzk3sdf89spmlpfg8wwf7, जो Figment Networks द्वारा नियंत्रित हैं। फिलहाल इस धनराशि को वापस community pool में लौटाना मुमकिन नहीं हैं।

जनवरी 2020 से शुरू, आने वाले 3 महीनों में हम निम्नलिखित वितरणयोग्य को वितरित करने के लिए प्रतिबद्ध होंगे -

- एक शासन कार्य समूह (Governance Working Group) अथवा एक समुदाय…

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The global outlook on blockchain and cryptocurrencies in India is negative to say the least. A simple google search result ‘Is cryptocurrency….’ shows the relative fear and uncertainty of the regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain in India.

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The year 2020 is poised to be the inflection point in which the global outlook on blockchain and cryptocurrencies will change radically to signify the start of things to come. This uptick on blockchain interest will be global and not isolated to a certain geography.

The end of 2019 has set a tone leading up to the new year.

  • Germany passed a new legislation where banks in Germany may soon feel more confident to offer direct sales and custody of crypto assets.
  • In late October, Chinese President Xi Jinping endorsed blockchain as “an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies”. …

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Cosmos is a network of parallel, independent and interoperable blockchains. This blog covers all the important links to official documentation, forums, blogs etc. which will help you to understand the above definition of Cosmos better.

What is Cosmos?

This article explains the “what, why and how” of Cosmos

You can also watch a few introductory videos on YouTube. Start with these videos listed below -

The Vision of Cosmos —

Introduction to Cosmos —

Cosmos explained by Sunny Aggarwal, Researcher at Tendermint —


After reading the first blog, you must know that the three working components of Cosmos are — The Cosmos SDK, Tendermint BFT consensus and ABCI (Application BlockChain…

Introduction to Cosmos Network

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Blockchain, ever since introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 has evolved manyfolds; actually threefolds to be precise. Cosmos is on the blockchain 3.0 — a decentralised network of independent, scalable and interoperable blockchains.

Cosmos is powered by Tendermint, a BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerant) consensus algorithm.

Analogically speaking, you can think of Tendermint as an Operating System in your computer — Windows, Linux etc. whereas Cosmos is the World Wide Web — a network of computers running on various operating systems.

Cosmos is developed to omit all discrepancies which developers faced with earlier blockchains.

This blog will discuss those problems along with how cosmos simplified them. …

First Cosmos India Event at Vellore

Team Cosmos India participated in an event at VIT, Vellore on 14th December, 2019. Cosmos India ambassadors — Abhitej Singh & Deepanshu Tripathi participated as speakers and judges in the Hackathon. The team also had organised their first meetup there, and a workshop for the enthusiasts to present a basic implementation of Cosmos SDK.

The Hackathon

The Hackathon was organised by IET VIT in association with MLH (Major League Hacking), the biggest Hackathon governing body in the world. This Hackathon was essentially one of the first MLH season 2020 events in the Asia-Pacific region. …


Cosmos India

Cosmos India is a community founded by individuals who are passionate about the future of decentralised technology and it’s potential in India.

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