Cosmostarter Roadmap: To Infinity & Beyond

4 min readOct 13, 2021


Image credit: Cosmostarter community member @quoctoress

Note: the roadmap in this article is no longer up-to-date, accurate, or reflective of the vision of the project. Stay tuned for an updated roadmap to be released.

What is Cosmostarter

Cosmostarter’s mission is to bring the next wave of users and developers into the Cosmos ecosystem. We help connect investors with vetted projects on Cosmos, an emerging network with a focus on revolutionizing blockchain interoperability and sovereignty. Projects receive services ranging from marketing, technical advisory, smart contract audits, fundraising, and ultimately help to bring them to market.


As the Cosmos ecosystem is finally starting to take off, Cosmostarter has experienced unprecedented community growth in the past 2 months. The founding team has been working on Cosmostarter for almost 6 months and has had the chance to collaborate with several key Cosmos ecosystem members.

Firstly, the team began as Cosmos community members just like everyone else. We felt there was a need to build a stronger community and provide support to early Cosmos projects during their launch phase. Over the last couple of months, several decentralized exchanges have launched (Such as Sifchain and Osmosis) and more teams like Juno are leveraging Cosmos’ interoperability. Now is the perfect time to bring more users over to the ecosystem.

We are excited to announce that our public $CSMS token listing will be this month and can finally share the project’s roadmap for the upcoming quarters.

Phase 1

Q4 2021 will be busy for the team as we fundraise, complete our initial listing on an EVM compatible chain, announce the first IDO, and launch our independent chain testnet live.

Community Fundraise

Cosmostarter completed an oversubscribed seed round of $90k earlier this year. The seed round was made up of over 50 individuals, many of whom we consider as an extension of our team. We will complete our Community sale of $180k for which we are on track to receive over 1000+ applications.

Initial listing

Cosmostarter will be initially listed on an EVM compatible chain. This will help onboard new users who have grown accustomed to Ethereum type environments. We ultimately aim to bring them into the full Cosmos ecosystem once Cosmostarter has its own chain!

Fair IDO Announcement

We’ve already received a significant amount of applications from upcoming projects looking to launch on Cosmos. Cosmostarter has a stringent vetting process to ensure we only work with top-tier projects. The current plan is to announce our first fair IDO after launch and begin offering our community allocation to $CSMS holders.

IBC Testnet

As mentioned, Cosmostarter will be adopting the Cosmos philosophy and become an application specific chain within the ecosystem. Our testnet will be available for Q4 to begin testing out core functions. If you are interested in helping out as a user or validator feel free to contact us on telegram or email:

Phase 2

In Q1 2022 we will begin the migration to our IBC enabled chain. Holders can begin delegating their $CSMS for staking rewards and for access to upcoming IDO’s. We will also look to announce partnerships within the ecosystem that will improve the Cosmostarter platform and services available for projects looking to build on Cosmos.

The Great Migration

Cosmostarter will begin migrating its ERC-20 token to a CW-20 token. This will provide a great example to other projects not currently building on Cosmos and show the simplicity of transitioning to an application specific chain within Cosmos.

Secure Staking

A first-of-its-kind feature for $CSMS token holders. Users who stake their tokens for upcoming token sales will also have their $CSMS added to validator staking pools. As a result, holders will not only get access to token sales, but they will also be securing our blockchain while earning additional delegator staking rewards.


Cosmostarter will announce partnerships with Cosmos SDK projects and other service providers to provide the best platform for projects looking to launch a token. These include validators, auditors, legal advisors, DEXs, and other tools we see fit.

Phase 3

In Q2 2022, Cosmostarter will begin accepting earlier stage projects by launching our incubator service. Cosmostarter will also begin incorporating a DAO for the platform and expanding our services to the greater Cosmos ecosystem.


This will help encourage teams of all sizes to start interacting with Cosmos technology. Cosmostarter will also begin utilizing $CSMS for DAO voting on platform upgrades and new features.


Decentralizing the platform will allow for more innovation and growth within the community. Initially, it is important to have stringent vetting of each project done in-house. Eventually, through fundraising models like DAO-ICOs and R-ICOs (Reversible ICO) we believe the community can have more influence on the project selection process. DAO-ICO is the idea that a fundraising team will not have access to the full amount of raised funds until they reach roadmap deliverables determined by the DAO. R-ICO allows participants of a fundraise to reverse their decision to contribute after the raise has already taken place. Together, tools such as these will increase the power of the DAO and bring more fundraising options for teams.


Our overall goal is to help the entire Cosmos ecosystem. Cosmos is made up of several layer 1 ecosystems, we will look to cater to all smart contract applications building on an IBC enabled layer-1 ecosystem. Once our chain is live, we will be able to interact with any IBC enabled layer-1 and begin helping their ecosystems flourish with new projects for their users.

This is just the beginning. We have ambitious plans for Cosmostarter and have quite a few surprises in store for both our community members and new Cosmos developers.

So come support our mission to help build not just a launchpad, but an even bigger Cosmos movement. Become a part of the Cosmostarter community via Telegram and Twitter today.