Grandfather Clock

Today felt like yesterday.

But at many times it didn’t.

Today was different.

But tonight is the same.

Today I began what I would tomorrow.

But yesterday I didn’t.

I remember your face.

But I can’t recall the last time I saw it.

The songs I hear are familiar.

But I can’t sing the lyrics.

The line I’m following seems squiggly, just as they said it would be.

But I don’t feel as if I’m actually on it.

Memories have faded away into a haze.

But I know something is still there.

The scent sparks a synapse and brings me back to life.

But the thought of all that could have been brings me to tears.

I travel again. I strengthen the bridge.

But the tide has already turned.

The winds blow, leaves fall, and the grass turns green again.

But I forget the smell of spring.

I look to my wrist and decide to move.

But all along the clock had been looking at me.

“The time is now. I’m on my way.”

But I’m not. The time was yesterday.

I arrive and find nothing but a breeze.

But the breeze is only there to fill a gap.

The music has stopped, the show is over.

But my ears are still ringing.

It was always all about the journey.

But I never bought the ticket.

I travelled through my mind and found what I was looking for.

But if only I had not.

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