Let’s Make A Melody

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I find it fascinating how much music is out there. If you take a moment to consider it and ponder the facts, it might astound you. There’s infinite music out there, and infinite left to be created. So many melodies, so many songs, hymns and hums.

It’s not as if there’s a finite ‘resource’ of music in the world and we’re all racing to extract as much as we can.

Instead, it’s all about ingenuity, creativity, and, above all, hard work.

No matter the skills, talent, or aptitude, you need to put in the work to get the tune. And all musicians know this. They know that Thomas Edison’s quote is right, that making a butt-print on a chair is probably more valuable than talent. ’Cause without hard work, talent is nothing but everything that could’ve been.

I like thinking about this at odd moments when having an ‘A-ha!’ moment after discovering a beautiful new song on Spotify. Like, wow! Someone outdid themselves again! The realisation that this beautiful song could’ve possibly vanished into oblivion because of that person’s laziness or lack of work-ethic is something truly mesmerising to think of.

How many inventions have been lost over the years and centuries and millennia? How many beautiful songs were never heard but are buried in graveyards?

And, just like that, my mind reboots.

Regret is a horrible thing, and the one thing I fear of most is a future in which my grandkids look into my eyes and see regret, rather than fulfillment.

In light of this, I find solace in the actions of those around me who are grinding through life, seeking out the things that their intuition is guiding them to, and putting in the work. Each person is their own source of motivation, but of course it helps to be surrounded by like-minded individuals.

And so, I love people who just do. I love people who hum a melody, and then sit their ass down and work on it until that hum has transformed into a structured composition, teeming with sophistication and spirit. I love people who nod along when a person is talking and look for ways to build on ideas, rather than destroy them. It’s just amazing; the things people are capable of.

I strive to surround myself with people who will amaze me. I want to be amazed, and, in turn, I want to amaze you as well. Life is just so much more fun this way.

Let’s put in the work. Let’s make a melody.

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