When Technology Lands In The Hands of Creators

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This is a subject that I find immensely interesting. Technological advancements are racing ahead as if there’s a fire on their ass, and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Google said that it was transforming its strategy from “Mobile-first” to “AI-first”, companies such as this one are creating Quantum computers which might facilitate the proliferation of Artificial Neural Networks(ANN) and Deep Learning, Tesla is showing the way towards sustainable 21st-century living (Solar roof tiles, home battery-packs, electric vehicles etc). And I’m not even gonna jump into VR, AR, and MR.

My point is, if you’d told me that this would be what I would be writing about 14 years ago (when I was at the young, tender and oh-shit-where’s-all-this-hair-coming-from age of 13), I would have told you to rather write a screenplay for Back To The Future 4.

Many have written similar articles and essays of what I just mentioned loooooooooong before me. What I find really cool, though, is where this technology can truly go when it is used by creators. You know, the creative people. The weirdos. Or the normal people — it depends how many of them you’ve met.

By definition, creators are people who take a tool and create something out of nothing. They defy the limits that were set by a user-manual, ignore the void-warranty tape, and go ahead and do stuff that make the rest of us question whether we actually know how to use technology properly. Yup, that’s how good they are.

But that’s a great thing! It’s something to celebrate, support, and enjoy. Frankly, I love to sit back and see what they can come up with when they’re given a platform that is robust enough that doesn’t confine them within a preconceived notion of what is and what isn’t possible.

I mean, just look at these amazing photos taken with the use of drones! Technology made it possible for these skilled creators to capture a moment and depict it in a beautiful way; they were given the opportunity to tell their story through a different voice. A couple of years ago, if you’d uttered the word “Drone”, the first thing that would come to mind was UAVs-war-bombs-death. And unfortunately, that is still the case for countless individuals. I consider myself lucky, as what comes to mind now is DJI-GoPros-aerial photography, and anything around that space.

I am so so curious to see what creators will do with the amazing technology that is in the pipeline! For the sake of this article, I’d rather not delve in the negative aspects that often come with technology (Yeah, you!, people who Instagram every fucking meal), but instead focus on what creators will do with it.

The beauty is that no-one knows what they’ll do with it!

When the technology comes out, in many, if not most, cases creators are also the innovators or early adopters (Rogers was a smart dude!) of these technologies, and thus push their use to the limits. Hence, the rest of us also see what is truly possible, rejoice, and take out our wallets.

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In light of that thought, I am really eager to see what’s up ahead! I’m thoroughly excited to see what my smart-home will look like in 20 years, I’m anxious to see whether my grandkids will consider me technologically illiterate just as I consider mine, and eager to see how human creativity will be expressed through different and innovative technological means. The tools may change over time, but our humane desire to express ourselves seems to evolve in beautiful ways along with it.

Oh, and here’s what got me all hyped up again. On a Sunday, mind you. Enjoy!

P.S. If you liked what you just read and you’re not following Casey Neistat, I’d recommend you check him out. He’s pretty much doing exactly what I just described.